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                            п»їFastCube 2.9
+ Added TfcxSliceGrid.StatusZone.FloatFormat and TfcxSliceGrid.StatusZone.IntegerFormat. Use them to change format of values in StatusBar.
+ Added TfcxCube.SaveExtras to allow saving of Filters and Charts together with cube.
+ New cube format version with ansi-strings in UTF-8 format for compatibility with .Net
+ Added support for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
+ Added TfcxSliceGrid.OnAcceptDrag event which allows to control DragDrop operations in grid
+ Added TfcxSlice.SyncronizeYFieldsWidth property which set width syncronization between axis level and field caption
+ Added SliceGrid.OnDrawItem event.
+ Changed CubeGrid header draw and added drop down with filter if FilterManager property set.
+ Changed format of all slice fields are saved in schema.
* Fixed cell height calculations for large strings
* Chaned XLSX export to reduce memory use and increase export spead for large cross-tabs
- Fixed error with cell detail
- Fixed error with Variant to Double conversion in cell highlight calculation
- Fixed error with group rename from popup menu
- Fixed error with unknown script language (.Net cube)
- Fixed error with Selection
- Fixed error with sequential loading from multiple sources (UseMultyLoad)
- Fixed error with splitting of Null date
- Fixed error with TIBBCDField in RAD Studio 10.*
- Fixed error with UpdateStyles TfcxCustomGrid.UpdatePainter
- Fixed error with loading of empty cube.

FastCube 2.8
+ Added TfcxCustomGrid.OnCreatePainter event which allows to create an own grid painter
+ Added group creation by condition in code and and in TfxSliceGrid menu
+ Groupping and filtering through the axes context menu now handles selection
+ Added TfcxCubeGrid.FilterManager property. If the property is set then grid shows filtered set of data.
+ Added class TfcxFilteredOrderedRecordSetProvider
+ Added TfcxZoneRestriction.zrDontShowDropDown to disable showing of drop down window and a corresponding icon
+ Added method TfcxContinuousHighlight.ImageReverseOrder to set reverse order or icon highlight
+ Added methods TfcxSlice.SetTotalPosition(const Value: TfcxTotalPosition) and TfcxAxisContainer.SetTotalPosition(const Value: TfcxTotalPosition)
+ Added property TDimensions.DetailValue: Variant - current detail value for total calculation by formula based on subtotals.
+ Added property TfcxCubeDataColumns.VisibleIndex[ACubeFieldName: String]: integer
+ Added automatic changing of Y-axis fields header height in report
+ Adding/removing measure runs events OnBeforeAddSliceFieldToRegion, OnAfterAddSliceFieldToRegion and OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion
+ Added chs_Created in TfcxChangeInSlice (creating base empty slice)
+ Added schema loading/saving in AppendData
- Fixed error in TfcxSourceFieldProperties.AssignTo
- Fixed error in cells size calculation
- Fixed error: Integer Overoverflow in CompareSQLTimeStamp
- Fixed error: value does not load from database when field size greater 8192 byte
- Fixed error in TfcxRange.Match
- Fixed error of export to XLSX for collapsed dimensions
- Fixed errors in German translations (thanks to Ralf Stegemann)
- Fixed declaration of TfcxChartsManagerOnNeedChart event

FastCube 2.7
+ Added support for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
+ Added export to Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
+ Added procedure TfcxMeasuresContainer.Recalculate
+ Added property TfcxCube.AbortLoading: boolean to abort data loading in event OnProgress
* Fixed names of TeeChart units in fcxpChartEditor.pas
- Fixed error with Null values in export to Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
- Fixed error of reading milliseconds from XML
- Fixed stack overflow error in popup list of unique values
- Fixed text drawing using themes (noticed on dark themes)
- Fixed error with creating measures with missed base field during loading schema
- Fixed error with Unassigned and 0
- Fixed error with drawing Fields zone
- Fixed error with Highlights
- Fixed error with HideZero
- Fixed error with Dataset in TfcxpCube
- Fixed error in ColOffsetValue and RowOffsetValue
- Fixed error with comparing Date in Ranges
- Fixed error with export to Excel introduced in 2.6
- Fixed errors with export to Excel for 64-bit systems

FastCube 2.6
+ Added support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
+ Added published properties Restrictions: TfcxZoneRestrictions for Zones to prohibit schema change by users
+ Slice fields display format is stored in schema
+ Added events TfcxSlice.OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion, OnBeforeAddSliceFieldToRegion and OnAfterAddSliceFieldToRegion
+ Custom popup menu can be used in DetailGrid
+ Added property TfcxMeasureField.ChangeNullToZero: boolean
+ Added property TfcxSlice.OnInterpreterCreated: TfcxInterpreterCreated
+ Added property TfcxpSliceGridReport.Orientation: TPrinterOrientation
+ Added functions TfcxMeasuresContainer.ChangeCalcMeasureScript
+ Apply percent format to "display as percent" cells while export to XLS
+ Added support for ShortInt fields
* Added few missing resource strings
- Replacing " " to "_" in function name in measure editor
- Slice field format change now triggers axis repainting.
- Slice field format change does not influence format of other fields of the same type.
- Fixed small errors in HideZero and hidden cells
- Fixed small errors in exports
- Fixed error of deleting TfcxSliceGrid and TfcxCubeGrid in the designer
- Fixed error in ODS export
- Fixed error with TfcxScriptStringList in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
- Fixed error with Calculated Field
- Fixed error in TreeLike axis
- Fixed error with DisplayAs = da_ColRank
- Fixed error with VarSQLTimeStamp
- Fixed error of loading old version cube
- Fixed error of using Percentile
- Fixed group expanding error
- Fixed error in recompile.exe
- Bar chart highlight now properly uses system colors (they converts to RGB first)
- Fixed design of Measure editor for Lazarus

FastCube 2.5
+ Added restoring selected cell after loading schema
+ Added export to CSV
+ Added property TfcxAxisContainer.DimCaption[ALevel: TfcxSmallCount; AVisIndex: Integer]: TfcxString
* Reimplemented XML-A export
* If cell value is both minimum and maximum of the column/row then treat it as maximum for highlight rules
- Fixed errors in language resources
- Fixed error in HTML and Excel exports (error with property RepeatValues)
- Fixed error in TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue
- Fixed error with double destruction of popup menu
- Fixed error in sorting

FastCube 2.4
+ Added OnPrepareSaveDialog event for export components. This allows to setup save dialog before showing it to user.
+ Additional totals uses property CalcTotalsOnTotals.
- Fixed painting of expand/collapse icons when windows themes are disabled and some VCL style is used
- Fixed error with SmallInt
- Fixed: SliceFieldExtra is not saved in Measure Editor
- Fixed error Out of memory in some case

FastCube 2.3
+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE8 (Delphi XE8/C++Builder XE8)
+ Added sorting in CubeGrid and DetailGrid
+ Added TfcxSlice.ApplyDefaultSettings
+ Added TfcxSlice.ResetDisplayLabelOfFields
+ Added aggregate function Weighted arithmetic mean
+ Detail grid does not reset the list of fields on each show
+ Added aggregate function Median
+ Added option "Merge Cells" in export to Excel
* Acceleration and optimization calculation of measures
* Hide "Sort" menu item for "Measures" field since it has no sense for it
* Renamed property TfcxMeasureField.SliceField2 to TfcxMeasureField.SliceFieldDistinct
* Removed filters for number input in the Range editor
- Fixed errors of calculation of totals which based on other totals
- Fixed errors of measures calculation
- Fixed error of loading filters with NULL value
- Disabled DoubleBuffered, ParentDoubleBuffered for XE6+ since it cause painting glitches
- Fixed error with attributes referenced from main dataset
- Fixed error in TfcxMeasuresContainer.SetPosition
- Fixed error in HideZero
- Fixed memory allocation error in xls Export on 64bit platforms
- Fixed error in TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue
- Fixed error in CopyToClipboard from DetailGrid
- Fixed error with determining of Minimal Value for conditional highlight in some situations

FastCube 2.2
+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE7 (Delphi XE7/C++Builder XE7)
+ Added checking the number of rows and columns in Excel 97-2003 export 
+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE6 (Delphi XE6/C++Builder XE6)
+ Added properties Distinct and DistinctField into Measure editor
+ Added editor for additional calculated total into Dimension editor
+ Added Axis editor
+ Added Croatian translation by Kresimir Majdenic
+ Added compatibility with FastCube 2 FMX
+ Added property TfcxSlice.ClearUnattachedFieldsFilter: Boolean and function TfcxSlice.ResetUnattachedFieldsFilter: boolean (Reset filters in fields not placed in Axis or Filters)
+ РЎase insensitive compare in TfcxSliceFields.IndexOfField
+ Added properties TfcxMeasureField.Distinct: Boolean, TfcxMeasureField.DistinctForTotal: Boolean  and TfcxMeasureField.SliceField2: TfcxSliceField. It allows check uniqueness of values of additional field during calculation
+ Added support of ftSingle fields
+ Added property TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue[ALevel: TfcxSmallCount; AVisIndex: Integer]: variant
+ Added property TfcxDataSource.UseOnlyVisibleFields
+ Added property TfcxSliceGridToolbar.DialogsDefaultPath for Save/Open dialogs.
+ Added TMeasure.ColOffsetTotalValueForDims[Offset: integer; ADimNames: String]: Variant and TMeasure.RowOffsetTotalValueForDims[Offset: integer; ADimNames: String]: Variant
+ Added German translation by Thomas Werling
+ Added Italian translation by Augusto Pellis
+ Refactor code to split non-visual part from visual part to allow reuse of non-visual part in FMX version
+ Speedup filters loading
- Fixed error in Excel 97-2003 export
- Added: System counter can use Distinct and DistinctField
- Fixed error with size of filter region
- Fixed error in TMeasure.ColOffsetValue[Offset: integer]: Variant, TMeasure.RowOffsetValue[Offset: integer]: Variant and TMeasure.ColRowOffsetValue[ColOffset, RowOffset: integer]: Variant
- Fixed error: wrong filter setting after loading filter in some case.
- Fixed errors: AV with property CreateAllCells in calculation measure when all measures are calculation
- Fixed error: wrong measure values in some cases during script calculation
- Fixed errors: AV in TfcxSliceGrid not linked with TfcxSlice
- Fixed error: AV after editing measure
- Fixed error: AV in export
- Fixed error: AV during adding measure when TopN is active
- Fixed error with national characters in incremental search
- Fixed error with TIBBCDField
- Fixed errors in property TfcxSlice.FieldsOrder
- Fixed error: AV after the field drop to an axis with an expanded group
- Fixed: OK button was not translated in Information dialog
- Fixed property spelling (was ArgFuncs become AgrFuncs)
- Fixed status zone popup menu checks
- Fixed error: AV in TfcxSlice.InternalSetSelectedVis
- Fixed error in SliceGrid styles applying (memory corruption)

FastCube 2.1

+ Added new progress type fcxpFetchingData to track loading data progress by TfcxCube.OnProgress
+ Added TfcxSlice.OnScriptError event to handle errors in script
+ Added script functions to search measure value by dimensions values: TMeasure.GetValueWithColDimValues(ADimValues: Array of variant): Variant and TMeasure.GetValueWithRowDimValues(ADimValues: Array of variant): Variant
+ Added TfcxMeasuresContainer.AddCalculationScript procedure for adding functions to script
+ Added TMeasures.CurrentMeasureIndex: Integer and TMeasures.CurrentMeasureName: String properties for use in scripts
+ Added TfcxSliceDataZone.PopupCell: TfcxMeasureCell property for use in popup menus
+ Added an ability to use default color palette in export to Excel
+ Added an ability to override zone popup menus or to inject own menu items into zone popup menus
+ Added selection rows/columns group for selected cell
+ Added TopN Load/Save together with schema
+ TopN popup shows inactive conditions
+ Added Save menu in TfcxSliceGridToolbar
+ Added TfcxCustomToolbar.OnMenuItemClick event which allows to change reaction of menu items on toolbar 
+ Added TfcxCustomToolbar.OnButtonClick event which allows to change reaction of buttons on toolbar 
+ Added TfcxAxisContainer.ShowTotalAs: TfcxShowTotalAs property. See default value for each axis in  TfcxSlice.Settings
+ Added TfcxMeasuresContainer.DeleteMeasures
+ Added an ability to show hint for SliceGrid elements (use ShowHint = True to enable it)
+ Added TfcxCustomToolbar.OnGetButtonVisible event which allows to change visibility of particular buttons on toolbar 
+ Added TfcxpSliceGridReport component
+ Added Version property to FastCube components
+ Added XE5 support in Recompile Wizard
+ Added TfcxSliceContainer.Alignment
+ Added TfcxSliceGrid.OnDataDblClick event to be compatible with 1.x versions
+ Call the first export filter on Export button click if there are no other filters registered
+ Auto drop down toolbutton menu if it has no other click action
+ Added property TfcxSlice.Settings (default setting for axis and fields)
+ Added check type for date/time splitting 
+ Added: Fields List now popups by mouse click on any point inside button (instead of click on popup indicator only)
+ Added TfcxSliceGrid.OnGetClipboardText and TfcxCubeGrid.OnGetClipboardText event handlers to allow override standard behavior
+ Added an ability to hide CaptionZone in SliceGrid and CubeGrid
+ Added Portuguese translation and help files
+ Added Czech translation by Karel JaneДЌek
+ Added Italian translation by Augusto Pellis
+ Added partial translation for languages from FastCube 1
- Fixed a bug with converting types of loading data
- Fixed scrollbar disabling when it had position > 0
- Fixed error with HideTotalForSingleValue in axis with measures
- Fixed errors with Hidden nodes
- Fixed export cells with Percent and Rank
- Fixed error in Data marker
- Fixed error in export to Excel
- Fixed error in row/column selection
- Fixed some errors in TopN
- Fixed error in GetData from DataSet in Delphi XE3-XE5
- Fixed error of saving filters of Date and Time parts
- Fixed some errors in TopN
- Fixed error with TDataSet from DLL
- Fixed error in fcxCube.AppendData
- Fixed error in TimeStamp and BCD
- Fixed errors while exporting an empty slice to Excel
- Fixed AV in with empty Cube
- Fixed some AV in empty Slice
- Fixed memory leak in FieldsPopup
- Fixed integer overflow in Hash for string fileds
- Fixed "Range check error" after DblClick in empty SliceGrid
- Fixed AV on resize in empty SliceGrid
* Added overloaded methods AddCalcMeasure and InsertCalcMeasure to create calculation measures with var section
* Added: Export tool button not enabled when no registered exports
* Renamed TfcxSliceGrid.Export to TfcxSliceGrid.DoExport
* Fixed Chart package for Delphi XE3
* Fixed alignment popup menu check state
* Fixed an error with memory corruption on unicode versions of Delphi (D2009+)
* Fixed data loading from TWideStringField
* Fixed LoadFromStream() did not load streams previosly saved by SaveToStream()
* Fixed garbage on slice grid in some cases
* Added missing lazarus form files for FastScript integration
* Fixed loading string resources with FPC >= 2.7.1
* Fixed Measure/Dimension caption change in Lazarus applications
* Fixed file names for case sensitive file systems (like on Mac OS X and Linux)

FastCube 2.0

+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE5 (Delphi XE5/C++Builder XE5)
+ Delphi XE4 support
* Improve chart editor
- Fixed errors with Variant to Double conversion
- Fixed errors in resources
- Fixed errors with style frame initialization
* Change save toolbar item
+ Implement chart Load/Save together with schema
+ Implement filter Load/Save together with schema
+ Delphi 6 support
- Fixed error with AdditionalTotals