How to use filters and sorting options in FastCube VCL

FastCube VCL

Data filtering is essential when working with information. It is difficult to imagine analytical tools without this option. Most often, filters and sorting are used for:

FastCube VCL Dialog Box

You need to use the Measure tool to work with filters in FastCube VCL. Once you left-click it, you will see the following window:

List of indicators

Here you can control the displayed data using the buttons at the bottom.

FastCube VCL - display all measures;

FastCube VCL - remove all measures;

FastCube VCL - reverse the order of the displayed and not displayed data;

FastCube VCL - move the measure one level up;

FastCube VCL - move the measure one level down;

FastCube VCL - accept changes.

The screenshots below show how the buttons for moving columns up and down the list work.

How to use the function to move columns by levelsHow to use the function to move columns by levelsHow to use the function to move columns by levels

It is also possible to apply filtering via the measures menu. To do this, right-click on the item you want to filter and select “Filter out this item” or “Filter out all other items”. The item you need will be filtered.


Now we are going to create a filter by condition. Right-click on one of the items in the field list and select “create a custom filter”.

Range editor

The custom filter can be configured in the range editor. It can include several items, as in the example below.

Multiple item filter

You need to click on the measure editor button to filter aggregation items by indicator.

Item edit button

This screenshot shows the “general” window, where filtering will be applied only for one aggregate item. In this case, it will be the “sum” item.

Dialog box

Now you know about filtering and sorting options available in the FastCube VCL analytical environment.

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