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Jan 29, 2013   FastCube 2 VCL beta demo is available now!
new version

New level of data analysis!

I. Grids
   1. Improvements to source data grid
   2. Closer to the native look of Windows with enabled themes
   3. Gradient drawing
II. Data analysis
   1. Optimized axis operations
   2. New dimension attribute for single choice (radio filter)
   3. Groups
   4.Totals have many new features
   5. Ranks for measures
   6. Tree-like axis
   7. Data highlighting
   8. Status panel
   9. Use of FastScript
   10. Export
III. Cube
   1. Splits
   2. Loading from custom storage
   3. Data conversion during the load process
   4. Custom field calculation during the load process
   5. Add/remove operations on fields after the load
   6. Append data to an active cube
IV. Global filter