Sep 13, 2005

FastReport VCL 2.55 released

* changed RTF and XLS export filters (TfrRtfAdvExport, TfrOLEExcelExport)- fix FielIsNull()- fix stretched bug in

Sep 5, 2005

FastReport 3.17 released

+ added Farsi language resources+ added pdf and e-mail export buttons in preview toolbar+ added

Aug 29, 2005

FastReport Studio 3.16 beta

FastReport Studio is solution for developers who use following products in their work: Microsoft(R): Microsoft

Aug 22, 2005

FastReport 3.16 released

+ added unicode support in TfrxMemoView+ added GIF format export TfrxGifExport+ added e-mail export (SMTP)

Jul 8, 2005

FastQueryBuilder 1.02

+ DBX Engine added + multilanguage added- conflict between fr_sinmemo.pas (Fr2) and fqb_sinmemo.pas (FQB) is

Jun 23, 2005

FastReport 3.15

+ added new wizards (db connection, table, query)+ added FlowTo property for TfrxDMPMemoView+ added Bulgarian

Jun 10, 2005

Fast Query Builder 1.01

Let's your customers create DB-query without SQL! Fast Query Builder enables to work with local and

May 22, 2005

FastReport 3.14

+ added FastQueryBuilder (button in SQL editor window)+ added TfrxOverlay.PrintOnTop property+ added TfrxDMPCommand component to

May 21, 2005

FastReport 3.13

+ added "ExportNotPrintable" property in all export filters+ added "Resolution", "SeparateFiles" properties in BMP, JPEG,

May 16, 2005

Join testing FastReport Studio!

Access to the following objects of the report generator - TfrxReport, TfrxUserDataSet, TfrxADODatabase, TfrxADOTable and

Apr 25, 2005

FastReport 3.12

+ added TfrxReport.StoreInDFM property+ added TfrxShapeView.Curve property+ added TfrxReport.PreviewOptions.OutlineExpand property+ added compatibility code in XLS

Apr 13, 2005

Updating of the documentation

New documentation for FastReport 3!In HTML (On-line and archive), PDF, CHM, Help-file available:Programmer's manual, User

Mar 21, 2005

FreeReport 2.33

- added Delphi 4-7, 2005, C++Builder 4-6 support- added FastReport 3 (*.fr3) format support in

Mar 14, 2005

FastReport 3.11

+ added Greek resources+ added HTML tags support in PDF export+ added Hebrew, Turkish and

Feb 11, 2005

FastReport 3.10

- added Swiss, Portuguese, Latvian resources- added TfrxReport.OnEndDoc event- added TfrxReportServer.OnAfterBuildReport event- improved export filters-