I have problems with the registration FastReport. I installed the FR Server, then the FR Studio. When I run the studio, it proposes to register the product. I enter the registration code, activation is successful over the Internet. However, when I run a report, the message “unregistered version” appears again.

Checklistbox not work on FastReport Server

How to know the user name in the code of the report?

May I have problems with proxy server caching?

When I work in the constructor then the message about unregistered version appears, although the server was purchased.

Can I run the FR Server with Apache Tomcat or GlassFish application server?

When I try to send parameter with Russian letters to a report then passed as an empty string. Note - Russian letters recoded function Utf8Encode.

There is a problem with getting a report on the local network. It's works relatively stable on some computers, in the others - the report can not be obtained at all. Server is installed on Vista x32 Business, uac disabled, a user with administrative rights on the local computer. In the server's error log - report session error: Report prepare error: StartTransaction failed. The network uses ISA. According to the recommendations, I have included it's IP to deny.conf, but it did not help.

Why only the printer configured on the report server is available when printing?

When testing build the report in a client-server system, the report is displayed only if the report server is running in the environment of Delphi. If I run the report server and the client application outside of Delphi, then the construction does not occur. What can affect the building? Anti-Virus NOD 32 installed.

How can I display a list of variables?

Why when I export my report to Excel(Ole) it is looks badly?

How can I use MySQL database with FR Server?

I can not get the job in the scheduler, when I send the report to two e-mail. Addresses separated by commas.

I can’t run my report. I set the path to my DB in the FR Server configurator and in the report. When I run the report through a client, I get a blank report, even without the white sheet. This works fine when running in the designer. Tell me, please, what could be the problem?

How can I use WinAuth?

Report generation is not working from the scheduler.

I can not add / change user group/ users. New users disappear after closing and reopening FR Server Configurator.

How to create a report server in FR VCL?

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