FR Server Component can't work on any port other than 80.

Is there a way to change Thousand separator inside FR4 (using FR 4.5.1) ?

I would like to know if there is any possibility of rotating TfrxRichView.

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Is Fast Report 4 Thread Safe? Are there any special properties I need to set when using FR from threads?

How can I limit rowcount per page ?

How to disconnect the use of global list of Datasets when using TfrxReport in a stream ?

When creating a report with cross-table , an error comes up «Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Double)».

In the report its required to write a text with fixed width into TfrxMemoView ,reducing font size from 10 and below , until the smallest . How can this be done ?

Can you dynamically change designer localization as well as preview windows ?

How can you transfer an array of variables from Delphi into FR ?

During compilation of the project, a message shows ‘ Class TfrxButtonControl not found'.

How can you code dataset navigation connected to the report but not connected to any band in report script ?

How can you use report converter - Report Builder- in FR ?

I try to set a Memo frame in script. I write Memo1.Frame.Typ := [ftLeft, ftRight, ftTop, ftBottom]. But I receive an error. Why ?

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Where is zmManyPages –mode in report preview window ?

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