10. Juli 2014

New version FastReport VCL 5.1

What's new? 

Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 support;
Added OnGetCustomData/OnSaveCustomData events which allow to save;
custom data inside report template(look new CustomReportData demo);
Added OnLoadDetailTemplate event - used to load detail reports from
other sources like data fields;
Added new multiImage mechanism in TIFF export - multiImage document is
not limited with pages count;
Added new property UTF8 in CSV export filter for stroing Unicode text
in UTF8 encoding;
Added missing RTTI information for new clases;
- Improved and fixed template inheritence (inherite some collections
like classes and variables);
- Improved checkbox control in PDF export;
- Fixed script inheritence - for more information see example "Report
with script enheritence";
- Fixed Interactive chart behaviour and added "Interactive Chart "
report example;
- Fixed bug with shadows in pictures in PDF export;
- Fixed problem with multipage preview;
- Fixed negative number export in BIFF8 export (braket form);
- Fixed pictures in PowerPoint export;
- Fixed bug with Excel export in Enterprise edition;
- Fixed frames in RTF export;
- Fixed gradient fill in exports;

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