28. Oktober 2004

FastReport 3 Enterprise Client/Server

- standalone server application (without the need of IIS, Apache or other web-server technologies) has a big performance, low response time, low use of system resources, in compare with solutions based on CGI technology;
- run any reports on the server side, on client request, without direct connection of the client to the database server;
- use of HyperText transfer protocol (HTTP, RFC 2068 [2]) allows you to use many of existing applications such as web-browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Opera etc), proxy-servers, web-servers (Internet Information Server, Apache etc), together with FastReport 3 Enterprise without any additional requirements;
- managing the connection logs, error logs, any additional system information, allows you to keep a statistics, quickly track down the bugs and unauthorized access attempts;
- use of authentification and allow/deny IP lists allows you to restrict the access to the server;
- you can use FastReport client components for interaction between your client application and the server. You can use any web-browser as well;
- your reports may have a dialogue forms that will be used for entering some values before running a report;
- supported formats of the prepared reports are: HTML, PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, JPEG, Text.

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