26. Juni 2006

FastReport Studio 3.22b released!

Changes in FastReport Studio 3.22

* updated documentation
+ added new control for page headers/footers mode selection in RTF export dialog
+ added Frame, ShiftMode, and Align proprty to IfrxView interface
+ added IfrxSubreport interface
+ added IfrxHeader interface
+ added IfrxFooter interface
+ added IfrxMasterData interface
+ added IfrxDetailData interface
+ added IfrxSubdetail interface
+ added IfrxDataBand4 interface
+ added IfrxDataBand5 interface
+ added IfrxDataBand6 interface
+ added IfrxPageHeader interface
+ added IfrxPageFooter interface
+ added IfrxColumnHeader interface
+ added IfrxColumnFooter interface
+ added IfrxGroupHeader interface
+ added IfrxGroupFooter interface
+ added IfrxChild interface
+ added IfrxOverlay interface
+ added VB6 demo which shows how to use FindObject method, TfrxADODatabase and TfrxADOQuery objects
+ added IfrxStretcheable interface
+ added C# demo for Master/Detail relations for ADO objects
+ added IfrxChartAxis interface
+ added new types of TeeChart series
+ added new C# example: MailExportDemo. This example demonstrates how to use TfrxGzipCompressor and SendMail method of IfxrBuiltinExports interface.
+ added TfrxGzipCompressor object.
+ added timeout property to TfrxADOQuery
+ added timeout properties to TfrxADOConnection
+ added new C++ TeeChart demo
+ added new C# TeeChart demo
+ added new VC++ Crosstabs demo
* updated CreateReportObject and CreateReportObjectEx methods of IfrxReport interface
* IfrxReport->IfrxPrintOptins->PageNumbers sets the range of pages for print and export
* updated TeeChart to version 7.
* e-mail export now inherits the attachment file name from exports file name
* update Danish resources
* update German resources
* preserve object names when working with clipboard
* improved HTML, RTF exports
* improved XML, Excel exports (thanks for Bali)
* increased timeout in E-Mail export
* update Danish resources
* update Portuguese resources
- fixed bug with export of barcodes with zoom more than two
- fixed error when page number does not exist in page range in exports dialog
- fixed bug with XML export (XML Parsing Error)
- fixed bug with HideIfSingleDataRecord
- fixed bug with empty page in HTML export
- fixed IIF bug
- fixed bug in XML export
- fixed error with reportsummary band
- fixed memory leaks when script has errors
- fixed shift issues
- fixed brush style bsBDiagonal and bsFDiagonal in PDF export
- fixed bug with incorrect codepage of TfrxRichView in RTF export
- fixed bug with margins in PDF export
- fixed bug with stretched images

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