19. Dezember 2013

New version FastReport .NET 2014.1

Now FastReport.NET is compatible with restrictions Fips Algorithm Policy (Federal Information Processing Standards) with some limitations (encryption of PDF export, encryption of report). Also we present a support of standard for long-term archiving of electronic documents PDF/A ISO 19005-1:2005. Exchanging by documents expanded by adding a new export in SVG (scalable vector graphics). You can replace any graphic in toolbar of WebReport and dynamically load any available localization (28 language packs available) for your Web reports.


+ added compatibility with Fips Algorithm Policy (with limitations: encryption of PDF export, encryption of report)
+ added support of PDF/A in PDF export
+ added export to SVG
+ added support of html tags <B>, <I>, and <U> it RTF export.
+ added localization in WebReport (property WebReport.LocalizationFile)
+ added custom icons and background in WebReport toolbar
+ added new demo of localization and customization in Webreport (Demos\C#\MvcCustomization\)
* added default action to the Print buttion in WebReport when WebReport.PrintInPdf = false;
- fixed bug with paragraphs in RTF & Word2007 exports
- fixed bug when inserting gauge
- fixed bug with bookmarks in PDF export
- fixed bug with an additional empty page in the export to the MS Word 2007
- fixed bug with borders in XAML export
- fixed bug with rendering of ASP.NET WebReport control in design-time
- fixed bug with showing of invisible dialog pages in WebReport
- fixed the line spacing in a layered export to Word 2007
- fixed bug with incorrect server address in save to FTP server


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