27. Mai 2019

Die neue Version von FastReport Desktop - 2019.3

Die neue Version von FastReport Desktop 2019.3 enthält einen neuen Parameter fürs Wechseln des Namen von speichernder Datei sowie ein digitales Unterschrift und eine Adaptation des Fonts im Fenster vom Anfrage Editor.

Version 2019.3
+ added Save-FileName parameter

+ added ImageAlign property for image alignment inside PictureObject; by default, alignment is disabled
- fixed a bug with infinite loop in AdvancedTextRenderer when WordWrap is true and width of object less than width of one character
- fixed a bug when in some cases the TypeConverter`s were not loaded correctly
- fixed a bug causing memory leak in HtmlTextRenderer
- fixed a bug when using the KeepTogether property for a group with matrix, when in some cases the GroupHeader was placed on one page and the matrix was on another page
- fixed image size calculation when AutoSize is enabled in the preparation stage
- fixed RichText lists format

+ added an ability to change font in query editor
+ added Digital Signature object for adding empty signature field in PDF documents
- fixed TypeConverter on the TextObject.ParagraphFormat property
- fixed a bug with rising exception when double clicking on a TextObject
- fixed a bug with shadow of report when designer is in Right-to-Left mode

- fixed a bug where the preparation process was hanging and the cancel button was inactive throughout the preparation

+ added ability to export empty signature fields for PDF documents
+ added links for images to HTML-export
- fixed a bug in CSV-export with "Data only" option when not only Data bands were exported
- fixed a bug to which page headers and footers were not exported in Word with the paragraph mode
- fixed bug with export of bitmaps in ZPL

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