25. Mai 2006

FastReport 3.22 for Delphi released

+ added full TeeChart Pro support<br>
+ added property TfrxHTMLExport.Centered in HTML export<br>
+ added "Continuous" checkbox in RTF export dialog<br>
+ added TfrxRTFExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters property<br>
+ added TfrxCheckBox.UncheckStyle property<br>
+ added property TfrxGroupFooter.HideIfSingleDataRecord<br>
+ added text shift on non-zero char spacing in PDF export<br>
+ added Croatian resources<br>
* update the main demo (ADO support, added new reports)<br>
* added the object name to the error message in some cases<br>
* TfrxGradientView is not exported in HTML, RTF, XLS formats<br>
* preserve object names when working with clipboard<br>
* improved HTML, RTF exports<br>
* improved XML, Excel exports (thanks for Bali)<br>
* increased timeout in E-Mail export<br>
* update Danish resources<br>
* update Portuguese resources<br> 
- fixed bug with empty page in HTML export<br>
- fixed IIF bug<br>
- fixed bug with "ShowProgress := False" in XLS export<br>
- fixed bug in XML export<br>
- fixed error with reportsummary band <br>
- fixed memory leaks when script has errors<br>
- fixed shift issues<br>
- fixed brush style bsBDiagonal and bsFDiagonal in PDF export<br>
- fixed bug with incorrect codepage of TfrxRichView in RTF export<br>
- fixed bug with margins in PDF export<br>
- fixed bug with blobfields in bds2006<br>
- fixed bug with stretched images<br>
- [server] fixed bug with reports cache<br>
- [server] fixed bug with Idle time leak<br>
- [server] minor bug fixes

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