26. Mai 2010

FastCube 1.7 released!

FastCube 1.7

+ Added script event OnGetFieldConv in TfrcCube.
+ Added parameter ACalcRowHeight: boolean in TfcGrid.SelectCell
+ Added events TfcSlice.OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion and TfcSlice.OnBeforeAddedSliceFieldToRegion
+ Added option mdsoAllowFilterAllValues in TfcSlice.Options
+ Added property TfcChart.SkipNullPoints: boolean
+ Added option mdsoSaveFiltersEnabledValues for TfcSlice (to save enabled filters Values (instead of disabled values) in Schema)
+ New key combinations Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down in TfcGrid and TfcDetailGrid
+ Added event TfcGrid.OnUpdateSelection: TNotifyEvent
+ TfcGridStyle.UseParentFont is set to False when Style properties are changed. 
* Values of numerical measure are copied to clipboard without format.
* Alignments are imported from TfcGrid if are used OnGetStyles in TfrcGrid
- Fixed styles copying. Caused wrong colors in xls and html exports.
- Fixed grid printing errors.
- Fixed errors in fields converter.
- Fixed error with PopUp list with Form.FormStyle=fsStayOnTop
- Fixed error of fcChart printing.
- Fixed error of saving Null value in schema with mdsoSaveFiltersByValue option
- Fixed error in Recompile Wizard: installation packages in Delphi 11.
- Fixed grid copy to clipboard operation for D9+
- Fixed memory corruption by the DrawText routine which caused random crashes
- Fixed error in the Recompile Wizard for C++Builder 6 with FastScript in the Standart edition
- Fixed few problems with FreePascal and Lazarus
- Fixed Sort by focused row/column.
- Fixed error: AV in TfcGridReport
- Fixed error: AV when schema contains a field which is absent in cube

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