8. Oktober 2007

FastCube 1.1 released!

FastCube 1.1
+ added new aggregate function "Count of Unique"
+ added new property DefaultFormat for Date, Time and Numeric.
+ added new property FormatString in TfcCubeField.
+ added support for ftLargeInt and ftMemo fields
+ added option mdsoNoTotalIfOneValue (No Total if data only one row)
+ added finction for automatic fields layout: TfcSlice.CreateAutoFieldsLayout(ANumsAsFacts: boolean = false);
+ added option mdsoAddTotalPrefix (add word "Total" when used mdsoTotalAsPrevLevel)
+ added event (OnGetFieldConv) for tune of field converter
+ added AutoHeight from ALL colmuns in RowAxis
+ added package for Delphi 5
+ added Recompile Wizard for FastCube
+ added Events on Save/Load/Export actions
+ added component TfrcGrid for link TfrcCrossView in report with TfcGrid from form.
* unit fcGraphics renamed to fcGraphicUtils since 1stClass has same unit name
* unit fcScrollBar renamed to fcScrollBarCtrl since 1stClass has same unit name
- fixed problem with Lookup Fields
- fixed problem with compare BCD in Delphi 2005
- fixed problem with copy selected block cell in clipboard
- fixed wrong left position of horizontal scrollbar after changing internal layout of TfcGrid
- fixed wrong setting of MakeTotal when collaps(expand) value
- remove russian symbols from form
- fixed bugs in Export

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