FastReport .NET vs Crystal Reports

FastReport .NET supports the conversion of Crystal Reports templates to FastReport .NET templates. The list of objects supported by both systems are shown in the following table. Also shown are which Crystal Reports objects can be converted into FastReport .NET.

FastReport .NET vs Crystal Reports  FastReport .NET vs Crystal Reports

FastReport .NET vs Crystal Reports  FastReport .NET vs Crystal Reports

 FastReport .NETCrystal Reports for
Visual Studio 2005—2008
Report Bands
Report Title (Report Header) x x x
Report Summary (Report Footer) x x x
Page Header x x x
Page Footer x x x
Column Header x - -
Column Footer x - -
Header x x x
Data x x x
Footer x x x
Group Header x x x
Group Footer x x x
Child x x x
Overlay x - -
Report Objects
Text x x x
Picture x x x
Line x x x
Rectangle x x x
Rounded Rectangle x - -
Ellipse x - -
Triangle x - -
Diamond x - -
Sub-report x x x
Table x x x
Matrix x - -
Chart x x x
Barcode x x x
Rich Text x - -
CheckBox x - -
Zip Code x - -
Cellular Text x - -

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