June 26, 2024

Fast Reports Wins ComponentSource Award

ComponentSource has awarded Fast Reports a Top 50 Publisher Award in the annual ComponentSource Awards for 2024.
April 01, 2020

Attention: New objects behavior

It's finally happened! By popular demand we've adjusted behaviour of our objects so that your data looks more realistic.  Attention! It's a beta version. Download demo and see your current reports come alive!     TRY DEMO    Share your new reports with #itsalive_fr  
March 25, 2020

New version of FastReport VCL – 6.6

A lot of new things in  FastReport VCL and FastReport for Lazarus In this version we added filtration of Variables and Functions tabs in “Data Tree”.                         It possible to hide all panels in “Data Tree” now.   It possible to use filter for fast search of the report objects in “Report Tree”.     Added new linear barcode type – Pharmacode.     2D Barcodes can now be tuned up with the new barcode editor      DataMatrix barcode now supports GS1 rules and can automatically generate barcode according to these rules (GS1Rule property), encodes strings like: (01)09501101020917.     New ShowCellBreak property in Cross table object allows to turn off hiding of frames on cell break.     And an improved search in preview window.      Also great news for FastReport for Lazarus! - It's finally out from Beta - Basic support of HiDPI on Windows; - Fixed and improved export filters including Linux platform; -  Support of Dialog pages on Linux GTK; -  Improved support of LazCharts; - Added printing for Linux GTK and fixed text output with align   All Changes:  ---------------------------- + Added filter to Report Tree for fast search of the report objects + Added ability to filter Variables and Function in DataTree + Added new search to preview control + Added GS1Rule property to DataMatrix barcode (automatic support of GS1 rules) + Added new Pharmacode barcode type + Added new frxBarcode2DEditor + Added TfrxCustomCrossView.ShowCellBreak (default True) when set to False cross tab doesn't hide frames of split cells. + Added new type for hyperlinks (hkNone - do nothing. Useful when we need to disable hyperlink from the script). + Added New TfrxPreview.HideScrolls property and OnScrollMaxChange/OnScrollPosChange events (custom scrollbars implementation) + Add TfrxChartView.ClearSeries method + Added label source for TOHLCSeries chart series + Added new ColorBar property for all barcode types (set color of barcode data) * [Lazarus] Improved chart editor dialog for Lazarus charts * HostControls/UnHostControls method are virtual now and moved to TfrxBaseForm * Changes in synchronization mechanism for syntax memo. Now worker thread(TfrxCodeCompletionThread) synchronizes via SendMessages instead of TThread.Synchronize. * CreateUniqueName with DefaultReport now copies objects from current object list. - Fixed tab order in the PDF export dialog - Fixed bug with report thread while terminating main server thread with clients - Fixed TTabSet drag and drop in the report designer - Fixed Insert field button (DataTree) - [Lazarus] Fixed bad fills of buttons in the style editor dialog - Fixed object edges in the report designer for dotMatrix Report - [Lazarus] Fixed TfrxPageControl - Fixed bug with TFIBBCDField calculation - [Lazarus] Fixed DialogPage in the report designer for Lazarus Win/unix - Fixed export of some TeeChart Pro series in PDF and SVG exports - [Lazarus] First improvements for HiDPI under Lazarus - Fixed Clouds Authentication from embedded browser(FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION) - Fixed incorrect RichView split - Fixed bug when ConfigFileName was ignored - Fixed compilation with TeePro version greater than seven - [Lazarus] Fixed memory leaks - [Lazarus] Fixed printing from Linux(GTK) - Fixed table split. In special scenarios row which doesn't fit on the page may disappear. - Fixed chart Highlight for stacked series. - Fixed export of Devanagari text in PDF export - Fixed HABlock Align for Farsi language - Fixed embedded map in Map object - Fixed export of monospaced fonts in PDF Export - [Lazarus] Fixed text output under GTK(Linux) - Fixed Cross editor in HiDPI - [Client/Server] Fixed CGI client and export from dialog reports - Fixed export file names and extensions when exporting from web browser - Fixed HTML tags case sensitivity in the HTML5div export - Fixed TfrxEMFExport - Fixed Data Tree Drag&Drop for variables and functions - Fixed DataMatrix c40 and txt encodings for special symbols - Fixed issue with loading RTF files in RichView control under Windows 10 (sometime loads as plain text) - Fixed bug in PDF export when XObject list clears on every page which increase size of PDF file with pictures - Fixed bug in big XLS (Excel 97 BIFF8) files - Fixed exported file name in Client/Server components(from Web browser) - Fixed PDF export with GapX, GapY < 0 - Fixed Client/Server components when export report with dialog page from web browser - Fixed quick buttons in the MDI preview - HiDPI fixes for frxSynMemo: Saving/Loading font size for different DPI, GutterWidth, line marks, breakpoints marks - HiDPI fixes for RegEditorsDialog: CheckBox, ComboBox arrow, DropDown list width on first show - Fixed draw of icons on StatusBar in the report designer for HiDPI - Fixed TfrxTreePanel FileterMinWidth/FileterMaxWidth for HiDPI - Fixed font size in font ComboBox preview (HiDPI) - Fixed font preview position in font ComboBox(HiDPI) - Fixed band caption in HiDPI mode when the primary monitor has scale greater than 150% - Fixed TfrxComboBox.ListWidth in HiDPI (primary monitor with HiRes) - Fixed system dialogs(Font/Color) in HiDPI Per-Monitor V2 mode - Fixed ComboBox positions in the report designer for low custom scaling (less than 150%) - Fixed frxProgress dialog in HiDPI mode - Fixed Image Resources for low scaling values (less than 150%) - Fixed wrong anchor in dataset editor - Fixed flickering of the data tree for internal datasets after closing preview Full list of changes.  
March 23, 2020


We think this is the time for us to also step up. No one noticed that for over a week our whole team has been working from their homes in order not to become a link in a chain of the disease spreading. Although we can't help those who are on duty doing everything possible for people fighting with the disease, we want to make a contribution as well. We create software for fast and powerful report creation, business analytics and creating documents in dozens of formats. And we know that many hospitals and clinics around the world are using us in their work. So we would like to offer medical institutions and companies creating software for medical analytics free license of FastReport .NET and FastCube .NET Email us at
March 17, 2020

New version of FastReport Mono - 2020.1

In version 2020.1 charts and diagram components are now included with the product and available in Linux     Added ability of digital signature in exported PDF documents         All changes: + added System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization (charts)+ added abitilty to sign PDF documents with Digital Signature [Engine] + added new currencies and rules for conversion numbers to strings+ added ability to split long strings within table- fixed bug with splitting tables across pages- many small bufixes [Exports] + added support of PDF/A-1a standaard- fixed bug of printing a layerered Html-export, in case of presence of landscape orientation of page- fix big with multi-threading PDF export- fixed a character space size in PDF export- fixed drawing of objects with negative width or height in layered Html export
March 12, 2020

New version of FastReport .NET - 2020.2

The new version of FastReport .NET 2020.2 supports the PDF/A-1a standard in PDF export, and added new export to DXF. Now there is a version of FastReport .NET Core compatible with Core 3 and Core 3.1. Also in FastReport .NET Core added support for MSChart. In addition, functions have been added to the online designer for FastReport .NET Core. ---------------     [Engine] + added property Report.Tag + added "AutoEncode" property for DataMatrix Barcode. By default, if true, it encodes the &1; as a symbol of FNC1. If false, the character is encoded as is. + added "OnScriptCompile" event that called when report's script compiles + added new TextQuality: SingleBitPerPixel and SingleBitPerPixelGridFit + added an ability to split table rows + added RUB, BYN and BBYN currencies to ToWordsRu function - fixed a bug when shifting SubReport to a new page didn't work correctly - fixed a bug when the data footer break away from the data when property "keep with data" is enabled - fixed generation of barcode GS1-128 - fixed public API for editing exports menu in PreviewControl - fixed incorrect value of Total, if it refers to another Total - fixed a bug where the table was not transferred correctly - fixed a bug with parsing xml with hexidecimal values, e.g. "To create it:&#xD;&#xA;"     [Designer] + added backlighting of the band that the selected element will located on when dragging is completed + added an ability to open subreport page by double-clicking on its object + added an ability to change fonts for Code Tab, Text Editor and Expression Editor + added an ability to replace pictures with drag & drop + added an ability to open report file by drag & dropping + added an ability to scroll the report horizontally while holding down the Shift key * when changing the window, the context menu now closes * now during autosave the selected item from the properties window is not reset - fixed a bug when changing parameters after adding a line caused exception - fixed a bug with creating the Intelligent Mail barcode - fixed a bug with JSON-connection in Connection Wizard - fixed a bug with incorrect drawing of horizontal guides - fixed a bug when the width of objects was reset after closing Preview with enabled right anchor     [Preview] + added "About" button in toolbar of preview window + added an ability to scroll the report horizontally while holding down the Shift key     [Exports] + added export to DXF + added support of PDF/A-1a standard in PDF export - fixed a bug with printing of layered Html export, when the report contains pages with landscape orientation - fixed a bug where exporting to EMF called an exception - fixed display of objects with negative height/width for layered Html-export     [.Net Core] + added version of FastReport for Core 3/3.1 for Windows-only + added MSChart support + added Functions in Online Designer * updated a nuget dependencies to release versions instead of previews * changed access modifier PrintPdf and PrintHtml * added a new way for saving reports in online-designer: DesignerSaveCallBack is obsolete, please use DesignerSaveMethod instead
February 25, 2020

We received the "Top 50 Publishers" award

  Every year world leading online software retailer Component Source reflects on yearly sales results. And it's the third year in a row when Fast Reports holds the Top-50 position, staying one of the most sold developer of components and libraries for document creation in the world. 
February 12, 2020

New version of FastCube VCL - 2.10

What's new in FastCube VCL 2.10: Expressions This release brings expressions support to FastCube VCL. Before it was only possible to add calculated measures or totals using the script. Which was quite inconvenient for people handling reports on daily basis. So we decided to add expressions which you may know from other products of FastReports. Please checkout our updated documentation and examples to better understand expressions and how they work.   Ignore case option for range expressions We use range expressions for custom dimension filters and for measure highlight rules. Since this release you are able to ignore or consider the case for text comparisions in range expressions. You can either do it in code by Range.IgnoreCase property or in the range editor. Other changes Added methods TfcxCustomNodePopup.ExpandAll, TfcxCustomNodePopup.CollapseAll, property TfcxCustomGrid.AutoExpandPopups (true by default) which defines whether to expand/collapse all PopupWindow automatically on show. Added clear buttons to the measure editor form. Added date split to half year. Fixes Fixed error with loading chart for Lazarus. Fixed compilation for Lazarus/FPC.
December 06, 2019

New version of FastReport .NET - 2020.1

The new version of FastReport .NET 2020.1 now has the ability to drag text and image files into the designer, while the corresponding objects are created on the report page.   In addition, you can paste text or image into the report from the clipboard.   There is also the opportunity to customize the exports menu.     In WebReport you can now change the export settings, for this the corresponding event is added. Version 2020.1 ---------------     [Engine] + added events to TrueTypeCollection object. New demo programm shows how to use them - .\Demos\C#\FontHandlersExportToPDF + added an ability to change decimal digits for Number, Currency and Percent formats when UseLocale property is true + added property "SplitRows" for MatrixObject. By default, its value is False and in this case rows with the same vaues are joined. If True - rows are split (like TableObject) - fixed bug with trying to convert DBNull in empty string when ConvertNulls is disabled - fixed a bug when PageFooter with PrintOn=LastPage causes to print it on penultimate page     [Designer] + added ability to drag & drop picture in format png, jpeg, jpg, gif, ico, bmp, tif, tiff, emf, wmf and text files in format txt, rtf + added ability to paste picture and text on page from clipboard + added ability to create new report page using: "+" button on the pages panel, double-click on empty space on the pages panel, "Ctrl+N" shortcut     - fixed a bug when trying to set an incorrect RowSpan value to a MatrixObject cell - fixed a bug with dropping color, width and style in Border editor - fixed a bug with resizing PolyLineObject/PolygonObject, when it's copied with Ctrl+Drag - fixed a bug with inactive context menu "Size Mode" for SVG object - fixed a bug when subreport cannot be deleted when page linked to it was deleted before - fixed a bug when the buttons in the "Panel" in the "View" tab did not match the "Visible" property of the corresponding windows     [Preview] + added exports menu editor > new editor is available in user interface options; exports can now be removed from exports menu * data source menu in Text Editor is now hidden in Preview * "Delete Page" button now disabled in Preview when only one page generated     [Exports] + added property Split pages for export to XML   + added support for Padding property in Word2007 export * now in PDF export with InteractiveForms = true: fonts won't be saved if there aren't editable elements in the report - fixed bugs when exporting a multi-page report in XML - fixed a bug when PDF export generated incorrect file when EmbeddingFonts and InteraciveForms properties equal True - fixed view of background on BarcodeObject at Pdf and Html export - fixed bugs when displaying Shape, Barcode, Polygon etc. with fill (or background) in all exports with table layout     [WebReport] + added ability to change export settings. To do this, you need to subscribe to the ExportParameters event in WebReport.Report - fixed incorrect width and height for reports with mixed page orientation (Landscape & Portrait) - fixed incorrect view of background in ShapeObject - fixed lack of non-standard fill (Hatch, LinearGradient, etc.) on ShapeObject     [.Net Core] - fixed a bug with SQLite plugin if database includes null-values - fixed a critical bug on embedding fonts
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