October 31, 2006

FastReport 4 released!

Dear friends!

FastReport 4 for Delphi / C++Builder / BDS released!

Report Designer:
- new XP-style interface
- the "Data" tab with all report datasets
- ability to draw diagrams in the "Data" tab
- code completion (Ctrl+Space)
- breakpoints
- watches
- report templates
- local guidelines (appears when you move or resize an object)
- ability to work in non-modal mode, mdi child mode

Report Preview:
- thumbnails

- split a big page to several small pages
- print several small pages on one big
- print a page on a specified sheet (with scale)
- duplex handling from print dialogue
- print copy name on each printed copy (for example, "First copy", "Second copy")

Report Core:
- "endless page" mode
- images handling, increased speed
- the "Reset page numbers" mode for groups
- reports crypting (Rijndael algorithm)
- report inheritance (both file-based and dfm-based)
- drill-down groups
- frxGlobalVariables object
- "cross-tab" object enhancements:
- improved cells appearance
- cross elements visible in the designer
- fill corner (ShowCorner property)
- side-by-side crosstabs (NextCross property)
- join cells with the same value (JoinEqualCells property)
- join the same string values in a cell (AllowDuplicates property)
- ability to put an external object inside cross-tab
- AddWidth, AddHeight properties to increase width&height of the cell
- AutoSize property, ability to resize cells manually
- line object can have arrows
- added TfrxPictureView.FileLink property (can contain variable or a file name)
- separate settings for each frame line (properties Frame.LeftLine, TopLine, RightLine, BottomLine can be set in the object inspector)
- PNG images support (uncomment {$DEFINE PNG} in the frx.inc file)
- Open Document Format for Office Applications (OASIS) exports, spreadsheet (ods) and text (odt)

Enterprise components:
- Users/Groups security support (see a demo application Demos\ClientServer\UserManager)
- Templates support
- Dynamically refresh of configuration, users/groups

Let's try leader tool!

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