July 01, 2013

Installing FastReport 4 for Lazarus

Not long ago we added support of Lazarus IDE for FastReport 4 VCL (starts from Pro version, because Lazarus updates recently and require source codes for recompilation).

As it's still in the beta stage there is no any detailed instruction about its installation , yet. This basic article wiill explain how to install Fast Report 4 under lazarus and issues you may have.

First of all you need a FastReport 4 VCL (Pro version or above. Or you can try our trial version compiled under Lazarus 1.0.8) installation (you can use source only installation) and Lazarus IDE (with FPC) installed. After we have FastReport 4 VCL installed we can compile its packages using Lazarus.

Lets start from Win32 compilation:

Run Lazarus IDE (under win32 FastReport works with standard widgets set you don't need to do any additional recompilation).

In Lazarus IDE follow "Packages" -> "Open package (*.lpk)" Read more...

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