February 28, 2019

New version of FastReport VCL - 6.3

We have added new text underlining modes, now for the text object you can customize the behavior of the underlined text.

New PDF/A-1, PDF/A-3 export formats have been added to PDF export and the overall PDF export quality is improved.

The new ability to reflect all objects on the page automatically when building a report, now creating RTL reports is more easier.

Improved work in multi-threaded applications.

Now you can send data to clouds storage without using dialog via application code.

Added support for the Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Rio 

Version 6.3
- Fixed PDF LineSpacing (for huge values + VAlign)
- Fixed Chinese font names in PDF export
- Fixed active cell for XLS with several sheets in the BIFF8 export
- Fixed UTF-8 support for Geodata from DBF
* Improved FireDAC DB components

* Improved fonts' simulation, exporting of images and checkboxes in the PDF export
- Fixed Inplace editors in the designer
- Fixed numeric formats with ";" in XLSX export
- Fixed FireDAC for x64 platform
+ Added FireDAC to recompile.exe
- Fixed for AV in RichEdit when using OLE object under Windows 10 with last update
- Fixed ModifyObject for default values

* Improved Quick Report to Fast Report converter
* Improved multi-threading : Datasets on TDataModule, map file access, Inherited reports, Rich critical section
+ Added PDF/A-1, PDF/A-3 support
- Fixed TTF tables align. Now it uses zeros for align, not garbage memory
- Fixed macro variables in the table object

- Fixed series in the script for TeeChart 8 Professional and later
- Fixed bug when save dialog appears for exports to Stream
- Fixed MS Office resources for DOCX export
+ Added ability to load Geodata from DB
+ Added new Page.MirrorMode property for better RTL support. The base idea to keep the original layout in the report template and switch to RTL only in preview (during page loading).
+ Added TfrxUserDataset demo

[6.2.11 - 6.2.12]
+ Added ability to internet IOTransports send files without dialogs from code
* Improved performance of report preparation for XE3, XE6, XE7, 10, 10.2.
* Reworked exported bounds for barcodes with outbound text via Vector output
- Fixed wrong barcode size in PDF export on Win10 with font scaling > 100%
- Fixed EAN13 barcode rendering
+ Added xtDate support for Arrow and Bubble series
- Fixed PNG images in the exports
- Fixed font names table and horizontal_metrix_table return values

[6.2.9 - 6.2.10]
* Improved Gauges script RTTI
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support
* TfrxOLEView Editor form is scaled now
* WKT/WKB MultiPoligonShape support
* Removed global frxDrawText from preview draw

[6.2.6 - 6.2.8]
- Fixed right align for some fonts in the PDF export
- Fixed WheelDelta in the designer
- Moved some non-translated strings to resources
- Lock/Unlock current cached preview page for export.
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Duplicates in the TfrxSubreport

[6.2.4 - 6.2.5]
- Fixed recent files in the ini file storage
- Fixed errors processing in the transports
- Fixed code editor for long script
- Fixed text wrapping for traditional Chinese
+ Added CharSpacing support in the SVG export

+ Added TfrxMemoView.UnderlinesTextMode property. (ulmNone - no show under lines, ulmUnderlinesAll - show under lines
at the whole area of object, ulmUnderlinesText - show under lines for text only, ulmUnderlinesTextAndEmptyLines -
show under lines for text and empty lines)
- Fixed AV in the PDF export with some fonts
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines rendering
- Fixed GS1-128 parsing

- Fixed Outline checkbox behavior in the PDF export dialog
- Fixed AV when field name not exists in the dataset

- Prevent flickering in the report preview with drill-down reports
- Fixed random crashed during report reloads
- Fixed exporting of TfrxTableCell with HTMLTags to PDF

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