December 12, 2022

Digital signature in the new FastReport VCL 2023.1

FastReport VCL 2023.1

We have added the option of an attached and detached digital signature of arbitrary files. They will be used with the help of crypto providers installed in the system. You can see an example of a report with a digital signature at the Demos\FileSignature path. You will find the instructions at this link.

Connecting a digital signature

We had added the ability to set arbitrary sheet names in the following exports: frxBIFFExport, frxXMLExport, frxXLSXExport via the OnGenerateSheetName event.

The SVG image engine now supports "pattern" for object fills.

Improved SVG Images

Added AutoSize mode for TfrxOLEView object.

Improved compatibility with the latest Lazarus version and added the TfrxDateEditControl object.

Support for Delphi 7 has also been discontinued with this version.

We have also optimized the work of the existing functionality and fixed some bugs.


Full list of changes in version 2023.1


- Fixed dataset filtering

+ Added a new class for signing an arbitrary file with an attached or detached signature.
- Fixed supreport X position when keep mechanism uses inside it

+ Added ability to customize sheet names in excel exports (frxBIFFExport, frxXMLExport, frxXLSXExport)
- Fixed bug when PDFView draws dash line with wrong scale on metafile in PDF export vector output
- Fixed pdf export errors
- Fixed issue when pictures may disappear during PDF export in multi-thread GUI application
- Fixed font size in HTMLTags in XLSX export
- Fixed bug in xls(biff8) export under x64 platform
- Fixed Cc and Bcc fileds in the SMTP mail sender

+ Added implementation of TfrxDateEditControl
- Fixed Lazarus compilation
- Disable AutoSize for descriptions functions in functions-tree due to Lazarus internal bug

- Fixed Search form width

[Report object]
+ Added support for the dominant-baseline attribute and the pattern element
+ Added Autosize for TfrxOLEView
- Fixed overflow error when test size of types in HTMLView stream
- Fixed issue when TfrxRichView.RichEdit.Lines.LoadFromFile does not load file correctly under Rad Studio 11.2
- Fixed bug with Datamatrix barcade with ACSII codepage
- Fixed barcodes RTTI
- Fixed PDFView memory leaks
- Fixed TfrxPDFObject for 64bit in the IDE

* Updated Swiss resources
* Update German Resources
* Updated Farsi resources

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