December 13, 2021

New version of FastReport VCL 2022.1 is here! 


FastReport VCL 2022.1

We added support of digital multi-signature for documents in PDF format. A PDF export file can be sign with more than one digital certificates.

One document – several signatures.

FastReport VCL 2022.1

All in one file.

New ability to export all opened tabs in preview window into one file while saving junction through Hyperlink functionality (not all export filters support junction by anchors).


FastReport VCL 2022.1

Saving reports are easy.

New transport filter for saving and loading reports and exported documents into Yandex Disk.

FastReport VCL 2022.1

New abilities of reporting server.

The client-server component now has ability to process and convert prepared reports loaded by client to different formats supported by FastReport VCL. Is easy to create converting server of prepared reports.

FastReport VCL 2022.1

Fast edit of expressions.

The enhanced text objects editors have ability to insert an expression “on the fly” with help of build-in data tree and Drag&Drop support. The improvement affects the editors of the Rich, Text and HTML object.

FastReport VCL 2022.1

Added support of right to left output for HTML tags with RTLReading property turned on.

FastReport VCL 2022.1

Also, we made lots of fixes and improvements. Check the full list of changes.

Version 2022.1


+ Added support of multi-sign in PDF export;

+ New ability of the ReportServer component to load and convert prepared reports from a client and convert in to specified export format;

+ Added ability to export all tabs with prepared reports to one export file;

+ Added new transport filter to YaDisk;

+ Added support of RTL for Text object with HTML tags when RTLReading is enabled;

* Improved objects editors for Text, HTML and Rich objects for fast expression insertion;

+ Added TfrxSVGGraphicCache check SVGCache in Demos folder;

+ Added RTTI information for DataLink behavior;

+ Add new classes to FireDAC RTTI;

+ Added basic script RTTI for PDFView object;

+ Added DataSet and DataField to PDFView object;

+ Added function to set path to Pdfium library from the code (frxPDFiumDLLPathSet);

* Updated How to build DLL with report components example;

* Update import form QuickReport (conversion of TQRDQuery, TQRDTable ,TQRDesignSubdetail);

* Improved processing of ARC in Emf to PDF/SVG converter;

- Fixed bug with email export via MS Outlook;

- Fixed bug with empty page in DOCX export;

- Fixed bug with bracket '(' symbol in GS1 Datamatrix data;

- Fixed bug with specifying the port in DataLink;

- Fixed EMF Export registration;

- Fixed bug with symbols width in PDF export with Calibri font;

- Fixed bug with incorrect clipping in PDF export;

- Fixed bug with Map Color Scale and Size Scale background;

- Fixed reading of Extended type on x64 platform in HTMLView object;

- Fixed parameters fill bug in internal query during report loading(To avoid exception for undefined parameter);

- Fixed issue with tls connection to Cloudflare or AWS servers with tls server name extension(via DataLink protocols);

- Fixed bug with Unicode printer names in non Unicode Delphis;

- Fixed export of images XLS export;

- Fixed bug with negative numbers in XLSX export;

- Fixed bug with PNG smooth draw;

- Fixed bug when preview events occurs during SetProgressMessage;

- Fixed bug with Collapse All in preview window;

- Fixed bug with DialogPage size under RAD Studio 11;

- Fixed bug with draw of shape object;

- Fixed memory leak in HTMLView object;

- Fixed bug with PNG transparency and HiQuality in PDF export (back-compatibility);

- Fixed bug in multi-threading environment;

- Fixed bug with TableBuilder and PageHeader band;

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