September 13, 2021

New version of FastReport VCL 2021.3 with Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 support is here!

  FastReport VCL 2021.3 brings support of the new Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria! 

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

New object to display PDF in a report – simply embed PDF documents into a report (with the use of Pdfium open-source library)! How to add PDF into a report.

FastReport VCL 2021.3

New ability to load data into report objects by hyperlink for Map, Text, PDF, and Picture objects.

Loading of Picture and PDF object by hyperlink

Use hyperlinks to access API and load data into report objects!

Using of OpenStreetMap API for map loading

More than just hyperlinks – ability to add own protocols and transports!

FastReport VCL 2021.3

Configure Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive transports for private access to the cloud storage by hyperlinks. Loading data into report objects by hyperlink.

Loading of picture from Dropbox through transport

New authorization system for Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive transports – now through default browser.

Improved transports authorization dialog. Saving of authorization data with encryption, show or hide authorization fields, fast access to the configuration page of cloud storage. How to make a connection find in this article.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

Support of rows splitting in dynamic table – use split mechanism to build a complicate report with a lot of objects and text. The split mechanism works in all three pagination modes of dynamic table!

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

With new enhancements of the report designer, the speed and convenience of report template development go to the next level.

Improved search and replace in the report designer allow to search and replace text in string properties, object names, objects content, and in the script code. With new search tree navigation between searched objects become more comfortable.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

Simple and clear replacement by searched elements.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

New Favorites tab in object inspector – add most used properties for fast access.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

Highlights of properties with values different from “by default” in the object inspector for better control of the changes in a report.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

Client-Server components now support detail reports.

Added new linear barcode Plessey.

FastReport  VCL 2021.3

And much more. Check the full list of changes.

+ Added support of RAD Studio 11

+ Added new object TfrxPDFView which allows viewing PDF inside report via Pdfium library

+ Added protocols support to load objects data from external sources(http, https and transports) for PDFView, HTMLView, MemoView, PictureView, Maps

+ Added new transport authorization for OAuth2.0 with default system browser

+ Added split mechanism for dynamic table cells (data and internal objects)

+ Added support of Detail report to Client-Server components

+ Added Highlights of non-default properties in the report designer object inspector

+ Added new search and replace in the report designer (Search in the script, object names, string properties, and content)

+ Added Favorites tab in the report designer object inspector

+ Added logging for digital signature process in PDF export

+ Added new Plessey linear barcode

+ Added Gif support in TfrxPictureView (animation not supported)

+ Added event to build a dynamic table from code(see DynamicTable example)

+ Added processing of DataSet.OnGetText event for TWideStringField - to use set dsoStringAsDisplayText flag in TfrxDBDataset.DataSetOptions

+ Added script RTTI to load data into TfrxHTMLView

+ Added script RTTI for frxDigitalSignatureView

+ [Lazarus] Added support of HTML tags in PDF export

* Added ability to control spans from the script when building dynamic table

* Improved Client-Server demos for CGI and ISAPI

+ [Lazarus] Added EmbedDesigner demo

- [Lazarus] Fixed bug with Unicode printer names

- Fixed bug with table position in DOCX export

- Fixed bug with ITF-14 barcode text output

- Fixed restoring of span break for fixed column/row in a dynamic table

- [Lazarus] Fixed bug with restoring left panel in the report designer

- Fixed XLS export dialog scaling

- Fixed intercharacter spacing in PDF export for some fonts

- [Lazarus] Fixed bug with expressions inside Richview

- Fixed bug with aggregates and invisible bands

- Fixed pictures in the XLS export

- Fixed generation of hpp header for CBuilder 2007-XE (link with gdip lib)

- Fixed GDI descriptors leak in EMF parser for regions

- Fixed bug with Gif transparency

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