May 18, 2021

New version FastReport .NET 2021.3

The new version of FastReport .NET 2021.3 implements HiDPI support in the demo application. Added Razor components for embedding into a Blazor Server application. There are new exports to XODT and XODS. The FastReport OpenSource version now has the ability to import DevExpress, List and Label and SQL Server Reporting Services reports.


Version 2021.3


+ added HiDPI support to new demo application

- fixed a bug where page sizes could reset after preview

- fixed a bug where printing a RichText object on large Windows scaling was happening incorrectly

- fixed a bug leading to System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Substring functions

- fixed a bug leading to System.ArgumentException when drawing PictureObject with some images

- fixed a bug when tables were not displayed when connecting to Advantage Database via ODBC

- fixed a bug where RichText went outside the page

- fixed a bug with recompiling the report script that interacted with ChildBand


+ improved the behavior of the page panel

- fixed a bug with index of bounds in SQLBuilder in Designer

- fixed a bug where the dialog page did not open if it had a GridControl

- fixed bugs in Right to Left mode

- fixed a bug when rescaling the dialog form


- fixed a bug where the percentage of scale in Preview could be displayed incorrectly


+ added export to XODT

+ added export to XODS

- fixed a bug of export to ODF when the document did not open in MyOffice

- fixed a bug with closing cell with RichText when exporting to RTF

- fixed a bug when exporting objects with rendering mode HtmlParagraph

- fixed a bug with exporting line with arrow cap in layered export to Word 2007

- fixed a bug with exporting line with arrow cap in export to PowerPoint 2007


+ added Razor components for embedding into a Blazor Server applications. It is part of the FastReport.Web package and is located along the path: FastReport.Web.Blazor.Components. It is recommended to use the WebReportContainer component to display the report.

- fixed a bug in WebReport Core with SinglePage and Dialogs

- fixed a bug with compilation VB .NET script, resulting in an error "Modules cannot be generic"

[.NET Core]

* updated package reference Microsoft.CodeAnalysis to 3.3.1 version

* updated FastReport.Compat dependency to 2021.1.4 version

- fixed a bug with incorrect images in PDF export on Linux

- fixed a bug leading to System.NullReferenceException when call CsvDataConnection.CreateAllTables()


- fixed a bug with incorrect loading of table names from ClickHouse

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