May 20, 2020

New version of FastReport .NET - 2020.3

In the new version of FastReport .NET 2020.3 we added a new type of QR code, Swiss QR Code.

Template of a report containing Swiss QR Code

There are new properties VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression, and ExportableExpression. These properties allow to configure values of Visible, Printable, and Exportable properties depending on certain condition.


Also saving of embedded fonts in the PDF export has been optimized, as a result, file sizes have significantly decreased.

Smaller size of PDF export in FastReport .NET


In addition, FastReport.Core and FastReport.OpenSource can be compiled on Unix-systems now.

Discontinued support of .NET framework 2.0.


Version 2020.3




+ added new type of QR code, Swiss QR Code

+ added property MatrixObject.PrintIfEmpty, which allows displaying the matrix even if it is empty

+ added property Page.LastPageSource, which allows to configure the printer tray for printing the last page of the report

+ added VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression, and ExportableExpression properties

> these properties allow to set the value of the Visible, Printable, and Exportable properties, depending on the fulfillment of the specified condition

* discontinued support of .NET Framework 2.0

- fixed a bug with text object visibility when Highlight.Visible parameter is enabled

- fixed a bug with work of property PrintableExpression



- fixed a bug where drag&drop to the matrix didn't work

- fixed a bug leading to System.FormatException when opening DevExpress files

- fixed a bug "Count cannot be less than zero." when opening DevExpress files

- fixed a bug with moving objects in the report tree while holding down the Ctrl key

- fixed a bug with drop down menu of select color button



- fixed a bug with setting exports list using Config.PreviewSettings

- fixed a bug where the report could only be saved in the Box, regardless of the cloud storage selected in the menu



* optimized saving of embedded fonts in PDF-export. File size has decreased significantly.

- fixed a bug with incorrect indents in export to OpenOffice Writer

- fixed a bug with incorrect size of picture in export to RTF

- fixed a bug with page breaks in export to OpenOffice Writer

- fixed a bug with paragraph offset in export to OpenOffice Writer

- fixed a bug with text justify in exports to OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice Spreadsheet

- fixed a bug in Excel export (BIFF8)



- fixed a bug with resource loading in WebReport (OpenSource version)

- fixed a bug with image scaling in WebReport

- fixed a bug with timeout exception while saving a report in the Online Designer

- fixed a bug with calls of WebReport.ExportPdf, WebReport.ExportCsv, WebReport.ExportRtf, etc.


  [.Net Core]

* fixed compilation error FastReport.Core and FastReport.OpenSource on Unix-systems (because of net40 in targetFrameworks)

- fixed some API errors in report code, available in System.Drawing.Primitives

- fixed broken button "Open after export" in FR.Core3

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