December 12, 2017

New version of FastReport .NET 2018.1

A lot of new features in version 2018.1!

  • We added WebReport for ASP .Net Core – now making reports in .Net Core applications is faster and easier.
  • We also added support of Online Designer in .Net Core application.
  • New interactivity feature – you can edit text objects and checkboxes with enabled Editable property. It allows creating blanks and forms, which can also be edited in PDF. 
  • We added export to ZPL format: you can now make labels with Zebra label printer!
  • New gauge objects, bug fixes, improved and optimized code.


All changes:

[.Net Core]
+ added WebReport for ASP .Net Core (FastReport.Web.Core\
+ added support Online Designer

+ added the ability to change of TextObject and CheckBoxObject in Preview when these objects have Editable property
- fixed non-working search in preview

+ added Editable property for TextObject and CheckBoxObject
- fixed error when parameter with type double initialized by int value

+ added Gauge editors, semi-radial gauges, added gradient fill to Pointer
* improved report generation speed with UseFileCache option
* imroved selection of LineObject when zoom > 100%
- fixed bug with processing mouse event on PolyLineObject and PolygonObject toolbars

+ added polygons and polylines to PowerPoint export
+ added ShiftNonExportable property indicating that the report bands should be shifted, if page has any non-exportable bands (Exportable = false)
+ added PreserveAspectRatio, UseWidthAndHeight and UseViewBox properties to SVG export
+ added forms export for pdf export, objects with the Editable property, will be exported as an input field
+ added export in ZPL (Zebra printers)
- fixed bug with SVG export to multiple files
- width and height replaced to vievBox in svg export
- fixed bug with multiple export from one export class instance
- fixed bug when exporting report from code with Report.MaxPages equal 1 or more
- fixed bug with ImageExport if report contain tables
- fixed bug with ampersand in links for Excel2007Export

+ added outline (TOC) of report in WebReport
- fixed issue when fastreport handler in 'location' tags

- fixed bug with encoding in json connector, added DataEncoding property

[Online Designer]
+ added ability to hide of preview button on building
+ added SVGObject
+ added grouping of similar components (Gauge etc.) in tab with components
+ added dialog window with error text from server on saving of report
* info (i) is showing in dialog instead of popup in top corner
- property values of Cursor have been updated
- fixed bug with selection of color from toolbar in IE browser
- fixed bug with field with selection for color in Highlight editor and Border editor in IE browser
- fixed bug with empty properties panel for TableColumn and TableRow
- fixed bug with showing of bands in incorrect order in Chrome browser

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