June 01, 2016

New FastReport .NET

  The new FastReport version - 2016.3  has additional report objects – PolyLineObject - broken curve, PolygonObject – closed polygon with filling. The user also can edit the already prepared objects PolyLineObject/PolygonObject through moving, adding or removing the anchor point

 Report page received 2 new properties: Page.UnlimitedPaperHeight and Page.UnlimitedPaperWidth. They enable “infinite page” mode, when the report page’s size adjusts to objects position. This feature will be helpful for reports with tables with growing width and matrix without bringing them forward. It will also come in handy when creating a column report with further exporting in Excel – all the data will be placed on one page without breaking it with page headline and foot bands. Besides, it will be useful for Web reports, when there’s no need to stick with certain page size.

  Added new PDF export property – ShowPrintDialog. It helps creating a PDF document that displays print dialog in a PDF viewer (for example, Adobe Acrobat) right after opening. It’s useful when printing PDF in online reports

  PDF files can be created without font embedding – the entire text can be built in curves. This capability is activated by PDFExport.TextInCurves property. Building text in curves increases size of the resulting files, but it can be useful when you need to create invariable document without ability to copy the text and without reference to the installed fonts. As well as when creating PDF files for printing industry.

  By popular demand we rearranged mechanism of creating the dash dot line in PDF file. It was necessary for getting around the printing error when printing such lines from the Chrome browser’s internal viewer – dash dot lines were displayed correctly but were not printed.

  Added new export to JSON format for data exchange of the built report. For data consolidation it's better to use the “infinite page” mode.  

+ added new objects PolyLineObject, PolygonObject
+ added properties Page.UnlimitedPaperHeight, Page.UnlimitedPaperWidth
* updated rotation drawing for angle of images

+ added welcome window displayed on the designer startup
+ added splash screen showing during loading designer
+ added new toolbar for editing of PolyLineObject, PolygonObject
+ added unsaved report indication in window title
+ added unlimited page width and height options to PageSetup window

+ added Bold, Italic simulation for "MS UI Gothic" font and similar in PDF export
+ added export in JSON
+ added property PDFExport.ShowPrintDialog for showing the print dialog after opening the PDF document
+ added export PolyLineObject, PolygonObject in PDF
+ added property PDFExport.TextInCurves for creating the PDF document without fonts
+ added possibility to send multiple reports as attachments in Email export
+ added ToMultipleFiles property in XAML export
* improved export in Excel 2007 with enabled property Seamless
* improved drawing of dash-dot lines in PDF export for correct printing from the Chrome
- Fixed bug with <div> style(numbers format) in Html Layers export
- fixed bug with pictures with size over the page in PDF export
- fixed bug with paths in exports: XAML, SVG, PostScript, PPML
- fixed bug with shadows in HTML export
- fixed bug with TextObject.Underlines in HTML export
- fixed bug with images hash counting in PDF export
- fixed bug with hyperlinks in Trial version in PDF export
- fixed bug(Header added) in PostScript export
- fixed bug with fonts in PostScript export

+ added properties Left, Top, Width, Height in CustomDrawEventArgs (can be used in WebReport.CustomDraw)
+ added showing Print Dialog in print in PDF
+ added properties WebReport.DocxRowHeightIs, WebReport.PdfShowPrintDialog
+ added function WebReport.PrintInPdf(bool ShowPrintDialog) for setup showing the Print Dialog in PDF
* usage examples of WebReport are updated and relocated to the \Demos\C#\Web folder
* updated internal jQuery to v1.12.3
- fixed bug with CustomDraw event inside TableObject and Matrix
- fixed bug with incorrect MIME type in inline PDF printing
- fixed bug with switching Localization in ASP.NET (not MVC)

+ added JsonConnectionEditor.cs in FastReport.Json connector (\Extras\Connections\FastReport.Json)

[Online Report Designer]
+ added viewing of existing Highlights expressions in the report
+ added resize of component in any dimension

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