March 24, 2016

New version of FastReport .NET - 2016.2

Added ability to use OSM maps ( in reports. Layerwise objects help WEB reports look much better. Windows Forms Designer allows selecting several fields in the data tree and dragging them onto the report page. Improved Online Designer's usability, added custom function mapping in the data tree.

+ added property Config.ReportSettings.ImageLocationRoot for set the local root path of PictureObject.ImageLocation
+ added possibility to download maps from OpenStreetMap files (*.osm)
- fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException after ShowPrepared method

+ added support to select and drag-n-drop multiple items in the data window
- fixed bug with drag-n-drop operation of parameter variables in the data window

+ added support of TextObject.TextOutline in PDF export
+ added support of LineHeight, ParagraphOffset in HTML export
+ added filtering of html tags in CSV export
+ added support of clipping (TextObject.Clip) in PDF export
- fixed bug with absent spaces behind tagged strings
- fixed bug with bookmarks in Acrobat Reader
- fixed bug with packing of open type fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug with wrong frames in PDF export

+ added support of layered HTML in WebReport (WebReport.Layers) with better WYSIWYG
+ added interface for Online Designer with list of functions
+ added event for rendering the custom objects in Web or overriding rendering of standard objects (WebReport.CustomDraw), works only with enabled WebReport.Layer
- fixed bug with padding in WebReport
- fixed bug with different localization (WebReport.LocalizationFile)
- fixed bug with width of popup in toolbar menu
- fixed bug with application cookies in Online Designer handlers
- fixed bug with WebReport.XlsxWysiwyg

+ added new methods (GetReportsListByPathXml, GetReportsListXml, GetGearListXml,
GetPreparedReportByID, GetReportXml, PutReport) in FastReport.Service.dll

[Online Designer]

+ added support of custom functions
+ added support of LineHeight
+ added support of multi-line text in TextObject
+ added support if Style
+ added painting of middle color for gradient fills
+ added grouping (added tab Layout)
+ added enable/disable of guides in toolbar
+ added context menu for long tap on mobile devices and tablets
+ added editing of Format in dialog for TextObject
+ added settings for panels customization in scripts/config-data.js, key customization
+ added absolute static path in builder
+ added disabling of exit dialog (property confirmBeforeExit
+ added settings for entry name different of index.html
+ added ability of dragging the popup
+ added customization panel with small previews of pages and dialogs
+ added setting in builder for embedding in iframe and div
+ added resizing of customization panels
+ added “Code” caption for code page
* changed of API settings (getReport, saveReport, makePreview) in scripts/config-data.js
* changed font size band title
* removed dot lines in title of band
- fixed bug with drawing of popup menu out of screen
- fixed bug with default value of Height in band
- fixed bug with redo action on object dragging
- fixed bug with zero values in properties
- fixed bug with coordinates of popup on object dragging
- fixed bug with report preview
- fixed bug with opening of some reports
- fixed bug with drawing of Font size on init

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