December 16, 2015

New version of FastReport .NET - 2016.1

Now with the help of FastReport NET you can create Dashboard on the site (property WebReport.RefreshTimeout). We have also added the ability to give outline to text objects (property TextObject.TextOutline).
Note that if your version of FastReport .Net is older than 2015.4, then before installing 2016.1 you should remove it in "Control Panel"

+ added text outline with possibility to set color, width and style of line (property TextObject.TextOutline)
+ added property TextObject.TextOutline.DrawBehind
- fixed bug with ResetPageNumber with multiple nested GroupHeaderBand
- fixed bug with pointing of objects in Preview when Classic View of bands is enabled in Designer
- fixed bug with exception on printing to disconnected printer

- fixed CRLF in ODT Export
- fixed bug with out of range exception in PDFExportPictures.cs

+ added property WebReport.RefreshTimeout (time for report refresh in seconds, 0 - refresh disabled),
this property may be useful for Dashboard functionality
* improved AJAX communication with server
- fixed bug with download of exports by IE8 under Windows XP
- fixed bug with multiple WebReport object on page
- fixed bug with multi-line TextObject in Dialogs

- fixed bug with x86 in vb Demos/VB.Net/Main/Form1.vb

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