February 14, 2011

FastReport.NET 1.6 released!

Version 1.6 
+ added ability to save template to RDL format (Report Definition Language) 
* changed work of exports and printing in WebReport, now we use handlers in "web.config" 
+ added Romanian, Hungarian, Japanese and Thai localization 
+ added Report.InitialPageNumber property 
+ added TextObject.ParagraphOffset property 
+ added PreviewControl.UseBackColor property 
+ added IsNull function to check DB columns for null 
+ added import of WritingMode property when import template from RDL format 
+ added saving of TextObject.Angle property when saving template in RDL format 
+ added FNC1 symbol encoding in the Datamatrix barcode (use &1; sequence) 
+ added Open Document Text, XPS, DBF exports in WebReport 
* added ability to replace built-in query builder 
- fixed "Scale" print mode 
- fixed bug with RichObject and CanShrink 
- fixed bug in TextObject break 
- fixed bug in TextObject.TabWidth 
- fixed bug when saving the prepared report with UseFileCache flag 
- fixed RichObject multi-thread issues 
- fixed bug when opening some saved to RDL reports in the Report Builder 
- fixed bug in the Group Expert 
- fixed bug with ChartObject filter when saving the report as a C#/VB.Net class 
- fixed bug when converting boolean expressions in the RDL import 
- fixed bug with internal manifest in ODF export

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