April 28, 2010

FastReport .NET 1.4 released!

Good news - New version of Fast report generator for .Net (FastReport .Net v.1.4) released!

What's new?

Version 1.4
+ added Visual Studio 2010 support
+ added support of font subsets in PDF export added SQL CE connection 
+ added HierachyRow# system variable which returns the row number like 
+ "1.2.1" in the hierarchical report added support for table schema in 
+ OleDB and ODBC connectors added NumToWordsEs function for spanish 
+ added Dutch localization added Ukrainian localization added 
+ Config.ReportSettings.DefaultPaperSize property added HTMLExport.Print 
+ property (show the browser's print dialog when html document is 
+ opened, available only in "single page" mode) added 
+ HTMLExport.PageBreaks property (insert hard page breaks in "single 
+ page" mode) added ForceLoadData property to all datasources added 
+ band.FirstRowStartsNewPage property added Parameter.Description 
+ property added Config.TempFolder property added 
+ report.ReportInfo.PreviewPictureRatio property added 
+ DataBand.PrintIfDatasourceEmpty property added 
+ ChildBand.PrintIfDatabandEmpty property added 
+ Config.DesignerSettings.Restrictions.DontCreateData restriction to 
+ disable the "Data|Add Data Source..." menu
- fixed bug with Row# and StartNewPage
- fixed bug with Nullable custom functions
- fixed bug with bands which CanBreak and StartNewPage properties set to true
- fixed bug in HTML export (skip of styles when many pages exported in "single page" mode)
- fixed bug with registration of plugins
- fixed bug with dialog controls attached to a calculated column
- fixed bug in the query builder (wrong join type)
- fixed dialogue forms controls order
- fixed bug with Dock != None and CanGrow, CanShrink
- fixed bug in HTML export
- fixed bug with "Save printer in the report file" option
- fixed bug in Chart object (ClearValues method does not work)
- fixed bug in the Data Wizard
- fixed bug in totals when the "Convert null values" option is off
- fixed bug with saving report as VB class
- fixed outline in a hierarchical report
- fixed bug in the Chart object (when trying to group unsorted data by months)
- fixed bug in the Data Wizard under Vista OS
- fixed bug with embedded TTC fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug when exporting TableObject with invisible rows
* improved "Data Wizard" dialog (loading the table list is much faster now)
* designer command DesignerControl.cmdData replaced with cmdAddData and cmdChooseData commands
* reduced the resulting file size in HTML export
* improved performance with very deep business objects
* tables in the "Data Wizard" window are sorted now, "Sort tables" button removed
* small improvements in the Data window (ability to move up/down the report parameters using Ctrl+Up/Down keys)
* the installer is now automatically adds all FastReport.Net assemblies to the GAC
* assembly FastReport.dll split into two parts - FastReport.dll, FastReport.Web.dll

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