March 09, 2021

New version of FastReport Mono 2021.2 is released!

In the new version of FastReport Mono 2021.2, we added the aggregate function CountDistinct, which allows you to count unique values.

The processing of RichText objects has been improved again.

We have also added support for the ODF 1.2 standard when exporting to Open Office.

A number of errors in the processing of reports and saving to different formats have been fixed.

Version 2021.2



+ added CountDistinct aggregate function (report totals and Matrix object totals)

+ added support of TLS 1.2

+ added new 2 types of UncheckedSymbol for CheckBox

+ added the ability to disable loading of XML and CSV data locally

+ added ability to load XML data source by URL

+ added possibility to change the font for east-Asian languages in Word2007-export

+ added functions of converting numbers to words for the Polish language

+ added universal package for Windows, targeting .NET Framework 4.x, .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5

* optimized copying streams in some cases

- fixed a bug with incomplete copying of the matrix when copying the report page

- fixed bugs when importing DevExpress reports

- fixed bugs when importing RDL reports

- fixed a bug when a band with the FillUnusedSpace property enabled was not displayed again, although there is enough free space

- fixed bugs when importing List and Labels reports

- fixed a bug where the AutoSize property for SvgObject did not work correctly

- fixed a bug with TextObject.AutoShirnk=FontSize when TextObject's size is very small

- fixed a bug with incorrect TotalPages variable value when it used in VisibleExpression

- fixed a bug with converting RichText when RichObject.Text is null


+ added support of ODF 1.2 in export to ODT/ODS

- fixed saving report to Box

- fixed saving report to OneDrive

- fixed saving report to Google Drive

- fixed a bug leading to System.OutOfMemoryException when exporting to PDF

- fixed a bug with the creation of incorrect file when exporting to Excel 2007 with the big amount of pages and page breaks option

- fixed a bug where export to image did not take into account the transparent background of the report

- fixed a bug leading to System.NullReferenceException when exporting to Excel 2007

- fixed validation errors in export to ODT/ODS

- fixed a bug in ODT-export when the file did not open correctly in Word 2019

- fixed a bug with incorrect line position when exporting to Word 2007


- fixed "Save report" in Online Designer without changes

- fixed an issue with wrong margins between objects on a preview


- fixed a problem with incorrect work designer menu

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