December 28, 2016

New version of FastReport FMX

In the current release we've done everything for optimization of FastReport FMX, especially for Mac OS!

We've optimized everything from report core and up to the text rendering on screen.

In new version the preview window uses double buffering and redraws only new region of the page, which makes report preview smoother when scroll report pages . Starting from XE7 all text output of report objects is performed by FastReport FMX methods bypassing the standard text output. Such approach allows to speed up text rendering through font caching ten times!

The report core has also undergone some changes. For faster text comparison we imported new function from Carbon library, it decreases time of report building on Mac OS. Changes also touch calculations of report objects: now report engine calculates all sizes with font cache.

The object split mechanism was changed as well to make D2D and GDIP contexts compatible for calculation of objects sizes.

Full list of changes:
+ New double buffered preview. It draws only objects which appear on screen (increase preview performance)
+ New native text rendering with font caching starts with XE7 significant increase all text rendering and calculation
* Improved rendering behavior to minimize differences between GDIP and D2D contexts (when report calculates sizes with one context and print with another)
* Optimized rendering of report designer controls (Inspector, workspace, Rulers)
* Optimization in the report engine
* Improved split mechanism
+ Added new faster text comparison from Carbon framework for Mac OS
+ Added LineSpacing support for PDF export
- Changes Width and Height calculation for report objects
- Bitmap preview cache is optional now (use PreviewOptions.PagesInPictureCache)
- Fixed FireDac rtti module
- Fixed Alias editor for RAD Studio Berlin
- Fixed background image in HTML export
- Fixed incorrect frames draw for report object
- Fixed JPEG images export
- Fixed bug with unlimited pages when preview doesn't show pages
- Fixed visual behavior of few object editors
- Fixed PDF export memory leaks
- Fixed TfrxSysMemoView editor
- Fixed report inheritance from report template in the designer

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