May 27, 2024

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


In the new version of FastReport Cloud and FastReport Corporate Server, we have worked on quality, fixed bugs, and added some new features.


Bulk copying and moving

API methods that allow for copying and moving multiple files and folders at once are added. Previously, one had to make multiple queries to copy each file. Now one query is enough. This saves network resources and makes copying faster and more convenient.


An example of a template copy query:



Alternative method of uploading files to the cloud

An optimized method for uploading templates (/api/rp/v2/Templates/Folder/{id}/File) and reports (/api/rp/v2/Reports/Folder/{id}/File) has been added. The new method, unlike the first version, accepts a binary file and thus saves resources. The v1 download methods are marked as obsolete and are not recommended for use.

The method of changing the content of already loaded templates is also updated: /api/rp/v2/Templates/File/{id}/Content.


RichText preview in Online Designer

Starting with the current version of FastReport Cloud, Online Designer supports the ability to preview RichText objects.

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


Style templates for ChartObject in Online Designer

You can now select preset style templates when editing charts.

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


Ability to share files via a link

We have added functionality that allows for sharing any files via a link.

Previously, it was possible to open access to the file to any anonymous users. Access can now be restricted with a key added to the link.

To use the access key, it is enough to pass the accessKey parameter, equal to the value of the Key field of the key, with the query. In this case, the user (even an anonymous one) will receive all the rights that this key grants for the time of the query.


Editing a user’s avatar

Added a button to change the user avatar and a default image in case the avatar is unavailable.

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


New Recycle Bin for deleting files

A new page with a Recycle Bin for deleting files has been added. The button to go to the Recycle Bin is placed on the sidebar. The ability to clear sections with templates, reports, and exports at the same time has been added.

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


The page for working with Tasks has been improved

Creation of a report preparation task has been added:

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2

Creation of a report export task has been added:

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2

The task of saving via FTP has been added:

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2

The task of sending files via webhook has been added:

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


Workspace tags in the admin panel for FastReport Corporate Server

Workspace tags for easier searching have been added. For example, when administering a Corporate Server, workspaces for the organization’s employees and customers are created. You can use tags to tag your workspaces and exclude them when searching for client spaces.

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2


Full list of changes

+ added entity name to worker audit;
+ added bulk copy and move files and folders;
+ added alternative method to upload reports;
+ added RichText and Chart preview in online designer;
+ added ability to share access to the file;
+ added checking and resolving issues when the parent folder has been deleted;
+ added more checks when exporting folders;
* now corporate server runs in demo mode by default; the license key for demo mode is no longer required;
* updated comments for all controllers, fixed returned status codes;
* messages about errors 500 became more informative for users;
* optimized GetStats method by building a pipeline before the loop;
* changed limits of the maximum request body size;
- fixed infinite folder creation;
- fixed duplicate archive names when exporting;
- fixed Online Designer working with compressed templates;
- fixed test of critical changes in the QA pipeline;
- fixed copying files over the limit;
- tasks to export a template from the Recycle Bin now correctly return error 404;
- fixed localization error when moving to the Recycle Bin;

+ added exclusion of users and subscriptions to audits;
+ added tags to subscriptions;
+ added articles to documentation for programmers;
+ added documentation for FTP sending task;
+ added article for report parameters;
* added SDK for Kotlin (Android);
* updated documentation for tasks in UI;
- renamed view models in SDK to shorter names;
& updated SDK generator version;
& optimized memory consumption;

+ added file counter when exporting a folder;
+ added cache for charts in admin panel;
+ added approximate display of files while uploading them;
+ added validation when creating and editing an email task;
+ added document type selection in selection dialogs;
+ added a button to change the user avatar and a button to upload a spare image in case the avatar is unavailable;
+ added skeleton placeholders for data sources during upload;
+ added animation for file upload;
+ added a new page with the Recycle Bin for deleting files;
+ added creation of report preparation task;
+ added creation of report export task;
+ added EmptyContent and Placeholder for folder selection dialog;
+ added Placeholder and EmptyContent to file selection dialog;
+ added FTP sending component to user panel;
+ added webhook task for user panel;
+ added space checker;
+ added OnInitialized method;
* added a redirect to owner from page and workspace board;
* added sorting to file pages in the admin panel;
* normalized MySQL connection string according to standards;
* styled ExportTemplateEditor;
* updated task page for admin panel;
* changed names of new tasks;
* moved common code to a separate component;
* changed OutputFileCard;
* added new name for webhook;
- fixed empty task name after BadRequest error;
- fixed incorrect file view when changing export output file;
- fixed bug that caused the online designer to sometimes open files twice;
- fixed bug that caused CSV connection to ignore parameter names;
- fixed error messages when testing a data source before creating it;
- fixed bug that breaks data sources page when updating;
- fixed error 400 when moving folders;
- fixed broken transport card on too long or too short text;
- fixed content movement on the task page;
- fixed transportation problems.

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