October 08, 2009

FastCube 1.6 released!

FastCube 1.6

+ Added function TfcAxis.GetVisibleIndexFromAbs(ALevel: Integer; AAbsIndex: Integer; var AIndex: integer; var AVisible: Boolean): Boolean;
+ Added procedure TfcGrid.SelectCell(ACol, ARow: integer; AMakeVisible: boolean);
+ Added support for Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 (Delphi/C++Builder)
+ Added option mdsoSaveFiltersByValue ў TfcSlice (save in Schema filters by value)
+ Added new aggregate function "Last value". It is possible to use it with any type of the data!
+ Added property UseParentFont into TfcGridStyles.
+ Font, color and alignment of TfcGrid are used when print with TfrcGrid.
+ Added property Font into TfcGridStyle.
+ Added script property Measure[].TotalValueForDims['dim1, dim2, ...'] to get measure total value for dimensions dim1, dim2, ...
+ Added Greek resources (thanks Dimitris Karagikas)
+ Added an ability to use one field for the measures and dimension simultaneously
+ Added script events OnGetSeriesClass, OnSeriesCreated and OnChartFilled in TfrcChartView.
+ Updated chart support in unit frcCrossRTTI.
+ Added property StackType (MultiBar) in TfcChart.
+ Added support THorizBarSeries in TfcChart.
+ Added new events OnSaveTemplate and OnLoadTemplate in TfcChart.
+ Added new property DefaultTemplatePath in TfcChart.
+ Added new properties DefaultSchemePath, DefaultCubePath and DefaultExportPath in TfcGrid.
+ Added option in Grid: mdgoChangeOrderByClick - Switching order of sorting by one mouse button clicking.
+ Added properties Dimensions.IsTotalByCol and Dimensions.IsTotalByRow. You can use this properties in Script.
+ Added new format type fkCustom (You can to create and registrate custom formates. Use fcCustomFormats.AddFormat. See examples fcExamples).
+ Added Swedish resources from Niklas Larsson
+ Added  FastReport integration package for BCB6
+ Added: You simultaneously can change width of all columns in the X axis. Keep key Ctrl at change of width of the column.
* Only the UTF8 encoding is now used for scheme files.
* Event TfrcGrid.onGetStyles is changed
- Fixed export of Null data into various XML formats
- Fixed error of reading from stream property StackType (MultiBar) in TfcChart.
- Fixed error with property DefaultExportPath in TfcGrid and property DefaultTemplatePath in TfcChart.
- Fixed width TfcChartToolBar.
- Fixed error of reading Chart Template from version before 1.5.5.
- Fixed error: Calculation of sizes of memos is wrong in FastReport if are used different fonts.
- Fixed error: AV in Chart if no data in grid
- Fixed error: Caption of measures are wrong when dimension is collapsed

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