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Subscribing on save events in FastReport Online Designer

14 de marzo de 2017

Author - Maxim Karpinskiy

In case you need to do some actions on client side after saving the report like show some beautiful dialog from your code or do redirect to the other page you can use following techniques. 1) you can use the following code: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 const eventName = 'save_success'...

Embarcadero webinar questions and answers

17 de febrero de 2012

Author - Michael Philippenko

At 7th of February I took a part in Embarcadero webinar RAD Studio Reporting with FastReport. Here you can see my presentation video Thanks to all attendees for participation and for questions! We got set of different interesting questions. I think answers will be useful for all. Here there are: Q: ...

Using FastCube for multidimensional data analysis

14 de febrero de 2012

Author - Oleg Pryalkov

On-the-fly data aggregation of "flat" database tables is one of the first tasks faced by information system developers and their users. At the same time it is usually difficult to foresee the user needs in terms of data selection criteria (filters), dimensions in which the data needs to be aggregate...


7 de febrero de 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

You've probably heard that our team is working on porting the FastReport.NET to the Mono platform - we told this at our conference, held last year in Rostov-on-Don. Then followed a long silence, and now we are ready to show where do we go. The main feature of this demo is that it can work in Wind...

Rave convertor

1 de septiembre de 2011

Author - Anton

As you know, Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 is coming with the special edition of FR4. Many people have been asking us: is it possible to convert Rave reports (.rav files) to Fast reports (.fr3 files)? It is possible, because we have developed a convertor from Rave reports for this purpose. How to conv...