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+ Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
- Fixed problem with syntax memo in FMX framework
- Fixed small memo leak in methods helper
- Fixed Rtti declaration for some methods in FMX framework 

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE5 for VCL x32/x64 compilators.
+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE5 FireMonkey framework (2) for Windows x32/x64 and OSX platforms.

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE3 for VCL x32/x64 compilators.
+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE3 FireMonkey framework (2) for Windows x32/x64 and OSX platforms.

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE2 for x32/x64 compilators.
+ added support of Embarcadero FireMonkey framework for Windows x32/x64 and OSX platforms (include rtti for new classes and visual controls - fsSynMemo, TfsTree).
+ added support of  int64 type in the script code
- fixed AV for 64bit versions of FPC
- fixed error in accessing ansistring property values for FPC 

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE
+ added TeeChart 2010 support

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010
+ added new RTTI functions
* improver script run speed
* improved work for Lazarus

+ added support of CodeGear Rad Studio 2009
- fixed bug with "with" operator
- fixed bug with comments in Basic script
- fixed minor bugs in TfsSyntaxMemo и TfsTree

-added new RTTI functions/properties:TCustomIniFile.WriteTStrings,TCustomIniFile.ReadTStrings,
-fixed bug with "in" operator.
-functions return null value by default
-fixex bug with late binding
-added TfsScript.IncludePath property (list of paths for modules)
-added TfsScript.UseClassLateBinding 
- fixed bug with type casting 
- added EvaluteRiseError property - return True if Eveluate function rise error
- added OnGetVarValue event 
- added AddPropertyEx with TfsGetValueNewEvent/TfsSetValueNewEvent handlers
- fixed bug in Evaluate with Basic grammar
- fixed bug with unnecessary AddRTII call in evaluate function

Fix compilation with fpc 2.2 with {$define NOFORMS} (in case you want to use 
FastScript with fpc but not with lazarus)

+ added support of CodeGear Delphi 2007
+ added rtti for TPopupMenu
* modified the ini rtti, added rtti for TCustomIniFile and TMemIniFile
+ added support of Lazarus 0.9.22
  a) modified non-visual components for Free Pascal v2.0.4, 2.1.1, 2.3.1
  b) modified visual components for LCL (Lazarus component library)
  c) added packages for Lazarus
+ added ability to access form elements (form1.Button1) without fsScript.AddForm method call.

Still not modified for Lazarus and Free pascal next modules:
fs_idbreg, fs_iibxreg, fs_iadoreg, fs_ibdereg, fs_iteereg, 
fs_ibdertti, fs_ichartrtti, fs_iadortti, fs_iibxrtti, fs_idisp

+ full multi-thread support
+ improved performance
+ added packages for Delphi2006
+ added separate Tee package
- fixed c++ bool type
- fixed case sensitivity for c++ (keywords only)
- fixed jscript error (function that returns a string)

+ added packages for Delphi2005
+ Length function now supports arrays
+ added TfsScript.ExtendedCharset property (use national chars in identifiers)
- fixed error in SetLength function (for dynamic arrays)
- fixed error with __StringHelper (access to string elements)

+ added VarType function
+ added TApplication class
- fixed error with properties of Char type
- fixed DayOfWeek error
- fixed error with open array parameters
- fixed error with 'uses'

+ added dynamic array support
+ added MessageDlg, InputBox, InputQuery functions
- fixed error in StrToDateTime function
- fixed wrong 'Exit' behavior
- some fixes for Linux CRLF compatibility
- fixed syntax error when using cross-language modules
- fixed empty case selector bug
- fixed bug with 'var ar, ar1: array' declaration

+ added TBorderStyle type
+ added TComboBox.OnChange, OnDropDown, OnCloseUp events
+ added TfsScript.AddComponent (same as AddForm method) because AddForm can't 
  be used in the C++Builder (name conflict)
+ added TfsScript.OnGetUnit event
+ circular references between units, procedures, functions now allowed 
+ added VK_xxx and TCursor constants
- fixed bug with negative default params
- fixed bug with non-standard event handlers with var string parameter
- fixed bug with index properties of type Variant
- fixed string concatenation bug str := const + str
- fixed OLE bug (access to index properties)

+ added OLE support
+ added variant array support
+ added TfsScript.Terminate method
+ added TfsScript.IsExecutableLine method
+ added TfsScript.IsRunning property
+ added VarToStr function
+ added TfsScript.AddForm method
* languages are splitted to components TfsPascal, TfsCPP, TfsJScript, TfsBasic
* changed OnRunLine event
* changed TfsScript.ErrorPos type and fsPosToPoint method
* error strings moved to fs_iconst.pas file
- fixed bug in variable initializer
- fixed bug in TList rtti
- fixed bug in JS and VB grammar

+ added BasicScript and JScript language
* changes in parser engine and language definition file
* improved C++Script grammar
* speed optimizations
- fixed bug in SetILCode method

- fixed 'eventhandler = nil' bug
- fixed sets bug
- fixed default and index properties bug (again :)
- fixed 'not' operator bug
+ added TfsScript.GetILCode and TfsScript.SetILCode methods. It allows
  you to save precompiled code and restore it later.
* changed 'uses' behavior. Now FS returns more information about error in
  used module. Each used module must contain begin..end section like the
  main module. Modules cannot contain duplicate variable/method names.

- fixed default and index properties bug
- fixed enums bug
- fixed 'with' bug
- fixed 'is' bug
+ added C++ 'new' and 'delete' operators

- initial release