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New version of FastCube VCL - 2.7

December 7, 2017

What's new in FastCube 2.7?

As always the new version not only brings some improvement and bug fixes, but also - the new features!

  • Added new export filter to Microsoft Excel 2007 (xlsx)
  • Just put TfcxXLSXExport component and export filter is ready to use
  • Parameters of export filter are identical to Microsoft Excel (xls) export filter
  • Also added support of latest RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo IDE

Full list of changes:

+ Added procedure TfcxMeasuresContainer.Recalculate
+ Added property TfcxCube.AbortLoading: boolean to abort data loading in event OnProgress
* Fixed names of TeeChart units in fcxpChartEditor.pas
- Fixed error with Null values in export to Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
- Fixed error of reading milliseconds from XML
- Fixed stack overflow error in popup list of unique values
- Fixed text drawing using themes (noticed on dark themes)
- Fixed error with creating measures with missed base field during loading schema
- Fixed error with Unassigned and 0
- Fixed error with drawing Fields zone
- Fixed error with Highlights
- Fixed error with HideZero
- Fixed error with Dataset in TfcxpCube
- Fixed error in ColOffsetValue and RowOffsetValue
- Fixed error with comparing Date in Ranges
- Fixed error with export to Excel introduced in 2.6
- Fixed errors with export to Excel for 64-bit systems