RDL import in FastReport .NET

What is the RDL import 
RDL report it's a report template in format of Report Definition Language. The format used in Microsoft Reporting Services. Reports can be generated in Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Report Builder, and in some third-party editors. Reports are stored in files with extension rdl or rdlc
RDL import it's a tool that allows you to open RDL report in FastReport. NET designer. Users who have previously used the RDL reports and went to FastReport. NET can use old templates. Reports can be quickly and easily imported to FastReport .NET. 

Importing RDL report 
It's simple operation. You should to go to the File menu in FastReport .NET desinger and select Open.... In the window that appears, select the filter RDL files (*. rdl; *. rdlc). The selected file will be automatically converted to aFastReport. NET template and opened in the designer. 
On the two following pictures you can see RDL report (left) and the same report converted to FastReport. NET format.

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