How to make auto refreshable web reports

When there is a need to reflect the current situation in your enterprise with the help of web reports, you might need to update information automatically on a site without any user's involvement. If you use more than one of these reports with auto refresh function on a single page of a web site, you get the “Dashboard”. Fortunately, FastReport provides auto refresh of a report by timeout.

 Let us take a close look at the following example of my report “Date” that displays the current date and time.  By this means we can see the time of the report refreshing.

  1. Create a simple web report.
  2. Add a data source to the web form - the component “SQLDataSource”. From the drop - down menu select “ConfigureDataSource”.

  1. Set the connection to the database.
  2. Now place the “WebReport” component on the web form. Select the item “Select Data Source” from the drop - down menu.

Choose the only available option.

  1. From the drop - down menu select "Design Report "
  2. Create a simple report.  The system variable Date was added to the title of the report:


  1. Close the report editor. Disable the toolbar of the report window.
  2.  In “WebReport” object you should set “ShowToolbar” property to “false”.
  3. Set “RefreshTimeout” property. In this property the refresh period is set. For example, set the interval 5. Time is set in seconds.
  4. Run the application:


Wait for 5 seconds:


By this means it is possible to update information in a report continually. This can be useful when displaying statistical data or displaying information in the form of graphs. FastReport provides the opportunity to solve the problem of displaying dynamic information.

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