How to create a Japanese Post 4-State Code barcode in FastReport .NET

Japanese Post was created for the Japanese postal system for the sake of encoding mail addresses and faster automatic processing.

The Japan Post Barcode encodes a 7-digit postal code plus an optional address data of up to 13 alphanumeric characters. The postal code section may have a hyphen char at the 4th character position (e.g., 108-0075) although this hyphen will not be encoded into the barcode. There may also be a hyphen between the postal code and the address data (e.g., 108-0075-2-16-3). Again, this hyphen will not be encoded into the barcode. Any remaining hyphens are encoded, though.
This symbology supports the following alphanumeric characters:

- All numeric digits (0-9)
- All uppercase letters (A-Z)
- Hyphen (-)

Example of Japanese Post 4-State Code

To correctly position a Japanese Post barcode, it must be printed parallel to one edge of the piece of mail either horizontally or vertically. The barcode must also be within the following margins:

- No less than 10 mm from the top or side edges of the piece of mail
- No less than 15 mm from the bottom edge of the piece of mail

The preferred position of the barcode is below the written address if horizontal. If the address is vertical, the barcode can be printed to the right, to the left, or at the bottom of the address.

Creating a Japanese Post 4-State Code using the code:

//Create a new report object
Report report = new Report();
//Create a report page
ReportPage page = new ReportPage();
//Create a unique name
//Add it to the collection of report pages
//Create a new DataBand
 DataBand dataBand = new DataBand();
//With a unique name
//And add it to the band collection
//Create a barcode object
FastReport.Barcode.BarcodeObject barcode = new FastReport.Barcode.BarcodeObject();
//Set a barcode type
barcode.Barcode = new FastReport.Barcode.BarcodeJapanPost4StateCode();
//Set the numeric combination for encoding
barcode.Text = "597-8615-5-7-6";
//Place the barcode on the page
barcode.Parent = dataBand;
 //Set the size of the object
barcode.Bounds = new RectangleF(0, 0, Units.Centimeters * 10, Units.Centimeters * 3);
//Show the report

As a result, we will get the following barcode:

Example of Japanese Post 4-State Code created using the code

Now we can use the Japanese Post 4-State Code barcode in our business applications (encode postal addresses), to create letters sent by mail.

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