Installation of FastReport FMX 2 Trial

Download the installation file from the developer site - Be sure to select the correct installer for your IDE.

1) Run the installer file. First you need to select the product localization language. Click the Next button.


2) Then, a warning is displayed about copyright. Click "Next" button.


3) In the third step, read the license agreement. If you agree with all the terms, check the box marked "Yes, I agree with all the terms of this license agreement". You can then proceed with the installation. Click "Next".


4) The fourth window is for informational purposes. You can find important information about FastReport FMX. Click "Next" button.


5) The fifth step is to select the type of installation. You can install all the components using the Full type. Or you can install some components selectively using type Custom. Select the installation type Custom. Click "Next" button.


6) Disable unnecessary components by removing the check boxes next to them. Click "Next".


7) The next step is to select directory to install FastReport FMX. Select the path to the desired directory and click the "Next" button.


8) In step 8, you can select a group to place shortcuts in the menu "Programs". Click "Next" button.


9) Start the installation of the program. Click "Next" button.


10) Then there will be a window shown displaying the progress of the setup program.


11) When installation is complete, we can see information about the changes in the latest version of the program and important information about FastReport FMX. If you do not want to read the information disable the check boxes "View changes.txt» and «Read important information about FastReport FMX».


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