How to highlight data by condition in FastReport .NET

There are times when you need to highlight some of the data when analyzing tables.

Usually, when we review a paper version of the document, we highlight a data using a marker.

But why not do it at once, during the formation of the table?

FastReport .NET allows you to highlight the data depending on the specified conditions. A striking example of the use of conditional highlighting - the statistical data in the summary tables (matrices).

Let's create a matrix report. We use the data from the database nwind.xml, which is used in the demo reports of FastReport .NET. Use the table MatrixDemo.

The result here is a simple template:

If you run the report, we can see the dry statistics on the profitability of the company, brought by employees for months. But let's say we want to highlight cells with a yield of more than 3000r per month.

Select the cell [Revenue]. On the toolbar, click the icon:

In the next window you can set conditions for the highlighting and style of text or background.

Add Condition Value> 3000. Color can be a gradient or "glass".

You can add any number of conditions for the same object. Add another one: Value> 1000.

Since we have two conditions, it is necessary to take into account their order. If you move up the second condition, the cell with a value > 1000 will be yellow, as well as the value > 3000. This will happen because FastReport .NET handles the conditions in the order. Since the condition Value> 1000 covers the values > 3000, the second condition would not apply. Keep this in mind when using multiple conditions for a single object. Now let's see the result of our efforts:

If you want to highlight the columns Total, will have to add the same conditions for the cells in this column.

So, by simple manipulations we get a summary table that does not require further analysis with marker in hand.

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