Generating WEB reports with Mono

There is a possibility of executing an ASP.NET web application under the Apache web server that is running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, and others operating systems. You may need to install several packages:

Mono packages could be obtained here:

After installing mod_mono and XSP you should edit the Apache server configuration. Find a place where you have installed the file mod_mono.conf - usually a folder /etc/apache2. Open the httpd.conf file and add the following line:

Include /etc/apache2/mod_mono.conf

You then need to restart the web server. To test the efficiency of the module mod_mono, you can copy the contents of the /usr/lib/xsp/ to the test folder of your website.

To speed up the application under mod_mono ASP.NET we recommend disable KeepAlive in your httpd.conf:

KeepAlive Off

If disabling this option is not desirable, it is necessary at least to lower the value of KeepAliveTimeout:

KeepAliveTimeout 2

More information about the configuration of mod_mono can be read on Mod_mono guide.

FastReport.Mono is compatible with mod_mono starting from version 1.0.11.

To use FastReport.Mono as an ASP.NET application, you should put FastReport.Web.dll file in the project folder together with the file FastReport.Mono.dll. Example ASP.NET applications running mod_mono can see in the folder Demos/C#/Web.

Go to FastReport.Mono download page.

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