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Yeni sürüm FastReport Mono - 2019.1

19 Aralık 2018

FastReport Mono 2019.1'in en son sürümüne Zengin Metin (RichText) desteği eklendi. Artık SVG vektör nesneleri kullanma özelliği de var.

Tüm değişiklikler:

+ added the Rich Text (RichText) report object, which allows embedding in the report any RTF documents created in external editors
* improved PDF export: in addition to the existing font embedding capability, the ability to export text in the form of curves has been added, as well as support for extended PDF formats has been added and export errors have been fixed
* improved export to Word 2007 format: in layered mode and when exporting by paragraphs, the embedded RTF document is translated into text (DOCX format) instead a picture
+ added new SvgObject object, which allows to embed vector graphics in reports
* improved compatibility with FastReport .NET report generator