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15/05/2019   Nova versão de FastReport .Net - 2019.3
new version

Na última versão do FastReport .Net 2019.3, nós adicionamos um novo objeto - a assinatura digital que permite adicionar o local de assinatura após exportá-lo para PDF.
Adicionamos também a propriedade que permite alinhar a imagem no interior do PictureObject.
Agora você pode alterar as fontes no editor de consultas.
E corrigimos aquele erro crítico que causava vazamento de memória e loops infinitos.


Version 2019.3
+ added ImageAlign property for image alignment inside PictureObject; by default, alignment is disabled
+ added a new property Config.ProcessEvents for cancel button in progress form
- fixed a bug with infinite loop in AdvancedTextRenderer when WordWrap is true and width of object less than width of one character
- fixed a bug when in some cases the TypeConverter`s were not loaded correctly
- fixed a bug causing memory leak in HtmlTextRenderer
- fixed a bug when using the KeepTogether property for a group with matrix, when in some cases the GroupHeader was placed on one page and the matrix was on another page


+ added an ability to change font in query editor
+ added Digital Signature object for adding empty signature field in PDF documents


- fixed a bug where the preparation process was hanging and the cancel button was inactive throughout the preparation


+ added ability to export empty signature fields for PDF documents
+ added links for images to HTML-export
- fixed a bug in CSV-export with "Data only" option when not only Data bands were exported
- fixed a bug when PDF Export did not export some SVGObject gradients to a PDF file, with the property GradientQuality = GradientQualityEnum.Image


- fixed a bug with inherited reports with online designer

[.Net Core]

+ added a CoreCompat.System.Drawing reference to the script, which allows using Color, Font and some other features of System.Drawing