December 14, 2020

New version of FastReport VCL 6.9 released!

FastReport VCL 6.9

In new version added interactive forms support in PDF export for objects: Text, CheckBox  and Picture. With ability to include only required font glyphs into interactive form via InteractiveFormsFontSubset property. Learn more in our blog.

FastReport VCL 6.9

HTML exports now can export Outline tree.

FastReport VCL 6.9

Editing of dialog pages in the report becomes easier with guide lines support.

FastReport VCL 6.9

Added filtration support in preview window outline tree for fast search and navigation.

FastReport VCL 6.9

Added two new linear barcodes Deutsche Post Identcode and Deutsche Post Leitcode.

FastReport VCL 6.9

Also, added Beta version of Client-Server components for Lazarus (Enterprise version). Learn more in our blog.

Check full list of changes.


Version 6.9



+ Added support of interactive forms in PDF export for Text, CheckBox and Picture objects (Use Editable property with [ferAllowInExport] flag)

+ Added InteractiveFormsFontSubset property in PDF export which allows to set used glyph for interactive forms with embedded fonts via expression like : A-Z,a-z,0-9,#43-#47,!@#$

+ Added outline support to HTML export filters(frxExportHTML and frxExportHTML)

+ Added support of Client-Server components for Lazarus in Beta stage

+ Added support of Guide lines for dialog pages in the report designer workspace

+ Added filtration support in preview outline tree for fast search of nodes

+ Added support of save and load for SQL editor presets settings

+ Add ZUGFeRD minimum level to PDF export filter

+ Added CC and BCC fields support for E-mail export Indy and Outlook

+ Add preset helper class for SBER QR code

+ Added RTL support to DOCX Export filter

+ Added new linear Barcodes: Deutsche Post Identcode and Deutsche Post Leitcode

[!!!] Changed behavior of interactive objects. Restrictions -> [DontEditInPreview] is deprecated. Now all Text objects is disabled for editing in preview by default. To allow editing use Editable - [ferAllowInPreview, ferAllowInExport] for text objects (its impacts only text objects)

- Copy-paste bugs fixed when operation doesn't copy child objects of container (Dialog page containers)

- Fixed bug when copy-paste operation assigns child objects to container before it's getting pasted

- Fixed processing of FIB UTF8 blob field

- Fixed bug with merge of duplicates in multi-column report

- Fixed bug in 2D barcodes with long data

- Fixed object inspector for multy monitor configurations

- Fixed Integer Overflow error during draw operation for some objects

- Fixed bug with OnLoadTemplate event in inherited reports

- Fixed bug when calls NewPage inside OnBeforePrint event changes current band which affects aggregates calculation

- Fixed Dropbox transport processing of root folder

- Fixed bug in RTFexport with color table

- Fixed bug when report Engine forces Keeping mode for child bands sequence linked with a report title

- Fixed memory leaks with an empty detail reports

- Fixed Barcode draw on screen for 100% scale (incorrect stretch 1:1)

- Fixed removing of temporary folder after mail export

- Fixed bug with split big pages printing mode when additional page was added

- Multi byte input support for Syntax memo moved from define to the report designer settings

- Fixed Ctrl + backspace hotkey in Syntax memo

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