May 28, 2020

New version of FastReport VCL - 6.7

In the new version we’ve added support of the latest version of IDE -  Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 and extended integration with Steema TeeChart Pro.

Added support for new series (see the list of changes for a complete list).

Added a new class to help simplify the creation of barcodes for payment standards using “Swiss Payment Standard” as an example.

Thanks to your feedback, we improved Code completion in the script code editor.

Added new ability to edit RichView direct from the preview window.

 Also, added and improved few reports in Main Demo.


All changes: 


Version 6.7

+ Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4

+ Added InPlaceEditor for TfrxRichView allows to edit RichView in the preview window;

+ Added Swiss Payment Standard presets for QRCode barcode;

+ Added Logo property for QRCode barcode;

+ Added extended support of TeeChart pro series :

  TPolarContourSeries, TEquiVolumeSeries, TCircularGauge,

  TClockGauge, TNumericGauge, TBigCandleSeries,

  TDeltaPointSeries, TImageBarSeries, TImagePointSeries,

  TWindRoseSeries, TErrorPoint3DSeries, TErrorPointSeries,

  TEqualizerSeries, TBeeSwarmSeries, TPolarGridSeries, TOrgSeries, TKagiSeries,

  TRenkoSeries,TTagCloudSeries, THighLowLineSeries,

  TVolumePipeSeries, TTreeMapSeries, TKnobGauge, TRoseSeries,


+ Added helper for Fill casting AsBrushFill/AsGradientFill/AsGlassFill (TfrxCustomFill)

+ Added TfrxPostProcessor.ResetDuplicates - can reset duplicated from script

+ Added DrillState property to rtti (check how to use in 151.fr3 report)

+ Added arrows left - right keys for filtration during Code completion

+ Added Processing for TfrxSysMemoView

+ Added TfrxDesigner.OnAfterUpdateReport event

* Added New "What's new" report

* Improved few demo reports in MainDemo

+ [Lazarus] Added LazChart RTTI modules

- [Lazarus] Fixed bug when TfrxBitBtnControl doesn't show glyph when run designer from Lazarus IDE

- [Lazarus] Fixed Toolbar in the report designer for scale larger than 100%

- Fixed preview tabs in custom preview control

- Syntax memo Drag and Drop DataTree insert text to mouse position

- Syntax memo code completion disabled inside string 'Text' block

- Fixed Images in PPTX export with screen scale 125%

- Fixed text wrap for CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET charset in non unicode output

- Inherited reports convert path to short if its too long

- Inherited reports Loading optimized

- Use PostScript font name in PDF when font name contains multi-byte chars

- Fixed bug when reports threads may stall inside IIS DLL (New synch threads mechanism for DLL)

- Fixed scope of script variables in code completion

- Fixed var parameter in declaration for code completion

* Code completion now replaces whole ident , not just insert new in cursor position

* Code completion window now resizable

- Fixed code completion bug for variables declared in group like : 'm1, m2, m3: TfrxView;'

- [Lazarus] Fixed Map object de-serialization of points

- [Lazarus] Fixed bug with preview PageCache which causes wrong behavior in interactive reports

- Interactive charts fix with zoom in preview

- Fixed RestoreDefaults behavior

- Fixed bug when interactive events may fire before chart was filled

- Fixed bug with TfrxMapGeodataLayer.MapDataSet in Map Editor dialog

* [Lazarus] Optimized MaxiCode output

- Fixed bug with Mercator property

* [Lazarus] Fixed modal dialogs in preview under Linux GTK

- Fixed Detail report bug when rebuilds report using TfrxCustomPreview.Report (Collapse/expand drills).

- Fixed bug with KeepHeader and ReprintOnNewPage in multi-column reports

* [Lazarus] Optimized work with fonts under Linux GTK

- Fixed font charset for RTF export

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