March 18, 2018

FastReport VCL 6 is officially released!

FastReport VCL 6 is the next generation of reporting library for Delphi!


What’s new in FastReport VCL 6?

  1. Improved report engine expands editing and interactivity abilities. Report objects can be selected and edited instantly even from the preview
  2. Expressions post processing and new duplicates processing.
  3. Transport input-output filters: now you can save your reports to various cloud storages: DropBox, OneDrive,, Google Drive or send it by email
  4. New report objects:
    • Table object – for super easy creating and editing of tabular reports
    • Map object that supports OSM, ESRI and GPX
    • Gauge object
    • New barcodes: Aztec, MaxiCode and linear USPS
  5. Improved export filters to PDF, SVG, HTML5 will let you process complicated objects like RichText, Diagrams, Maps and exports them directly as vector/text format
  6. And of course report designer couldn’t be left without upgrade:
    • Improved Guide lines allow to move and resize docked objects.
    • Extended script debugger
    • Improved code completion
    • Copying and pasting of not only report objects, but their content as well
    • Enabling and disabling the quick editors

Fixes and improvements during beta

+ Added Cellular Text object
+ Added TfrxPageControl.OnChanging event
+ Added new Interactive map layer (it possible to draw on map layer)
+ Added ability to copy/paste table's rows/columns
+ Added events for PageControl component
+ Added Object selection in report preview (Hold Shift and mouse click + move. Use PreviewOptions.Buttons to turn it off)
+ Added New copy/paste editors (it's possible to copy content of objects)
+ Added TfrxPageControl.HotTrack property
+ Added Band.AlignChildren in script Rtti
+ Added Rtti module for Table object (and example how to use it)
+ Added TfrxPageControl for dialog form
+ Added Gauge control for dialog form
- Added IO packages to recompile.exe
- Improved export of Table and CellularText objects
- Improved compatibility with components designed for FR5 (like FastCube report components)
- Improved vector export engine
- Guidelines now works with table rows/columns
- Optimized Table object XML serialization
- InPlace editors now stores state in system Registry
- Fixed codepage in TfrxRichView under Windows 10
- Fixed resorces in export dialogs
- Fixed Height calculation of TfrxMemoView with vertical font rotation
- Fixed DropDown inplace editor
- Fixed copy/paste codepage for Table object
- Fixed copy/paste of whole Table object
- Added missing text resources
- Fixed problem with wrong text wrap in PDF export (in some cases)
- Fixed problem with "tight" text in PDF export (symbols overlap each other)
- Fixed problem with AutoWidth and Preview
- Fixed Error message after closing IDE
- Fixed compatibility with C++Builder
- Fixed IO filters issue
- Removed unused Options from "Options dialog"
- Several visual improvements of Designer and Preview UI
- Added missing icons for TfrxComponent's
- Fixed Horizontal and Vertial text align in SVG and HTML5 exports
- Fixed missing IOTransport package for Delphi 2010
- Fixed bug with TfrxMemoView.Unerlines
- Fixed AV in the PDF export
- Fixed MirrorMargins in PDF export
- Fixed missing resources for some languages
- Fixed preview save dialog without Transport filters
- Fixed compressed report
- Fixed text kerning in PDF export
- Fixed duplicated field in TfrxDBDataSet
- Fixed issue with Table object in some exports filters
- Fixed compatibility with old E-mail export filter (better to use new Transports)
- Fixed Interactive maps with detailed report
- Fixed problem with map editor (adjust maps to wrong layers)
- Fixed missing default string resources
- Fixed error in Code Completion thread when using fsGlobalUnit
- Fixed Break points saving in file
- Fixed container dialog controls behavior in report designer workspace
- Fixed save to file IOTransport registration
- Fixed IOTransport network path
- Fixed several issues with TfrxPageControl
- Moved some fixes and improvements from Fast Report 5 branch
- Fixed InPlace data editor

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