September 21, 2009

FastReport 4.8 released!

! + added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 (Delphi/C++Builder)
! + added TfrxMailExport.OnSendMail event 
! + [enterprise] added Windows Authentification mode
! + adedd checksum calculating for  2 5 interleaved barcode
! * [enterprise] improved CGI for IIS/Apache server
! * changed PDF export: added full unicode support, improved performance, decreased memory requirements
  old PDF export engine saved in file frxExportPDF_old.pas
+ added TfrxDBDataset.BCDToCurrency property
+ added TfrxReportOptions.HiddenPassword property to set password silently from code
+ added TfrxADOConnection.OnAfterDisconnect event 
+ added TfrxDesigner.MemoParentFont property
+ added new TfrxDesignerRestriction: drDontEditReportScript and drDontEditInternalDatasets
+ added TfrxGroupHeader.ShowChildIfDrillDown property  
+ added confirmation reading for TfrxMailExport
+ added TimeOut field to TfrxMailExport form 
+ added ability to use keeping(KeepTogether/KeepChild/KeepHeader) in multi-column report
+ added ability to split big bands(biggest than page height) by default 
- changed inheritance mechanism, correct inherits of linked objects (fixups)
- fixed bug with Mirror Mrgins in RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, OpenOffice exports
- fixed bug when cross tab cut the text in corner, when corner height greater than column height
- improved WatchForm TListBox changet to TCheckListBox
- improved AddFrom method - copy outline
- Improved functional of vertical bands, shows memos placed on H-band which doesn't across VBand, also calculate expression inside it and call events (like in FR2)
- Improved unsorted mode in crosstab(join same columns correctly)
- Improved converter from Report Builder
- Improved TfrxDesigner.OnInsertObject, should call when drag&drop field from data tree
- improved DrillDownd mechanism, should work correct with master-detail-subtetail nesting 
- fixed bug with DownThenAcross in Cross Tab
- fixed several bugs under CodeGear RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder) 2009 
- fixed bug with emf in ODT export
- fixed bug with outline when build several composite reports in double pass mode
- fixed bug when group doesn't fit on the whole page
- fixed "Page" and "Line" variables inside vertical bands
- fixed bug with using KeepHeader in some cases
- fixed bug with displacement of subreport when use PrintOnParent property in some cases
- fixed small memory leak in subreports
- fixed problem with PageFooter and ReportSymmary when use PrintOnPreviousPage property
- fixed bug when designer shows commented functions in object inspector
- fixed bug when designer place function in commented text block
- fixed bug when Engine try to split non-stretcheable view and gone to endless loop
- fixed bug with HTML tags in memo when use shot text and WordWrap
- [enterprise] fixed bug with variables lost on refresh/export
- fixed bug whih PDF,ODT export in Delphi4 and CBuilder4
- fixed bug with some codepage which use two bytes for special symbols (Japanese ans Chinese codepages)
- fixed bug when engine delete first space from text in split Memo
- fixed bug in multi-column page when band overlap stretched PageHeader
- fixed bug with using ReprintOnNewPage

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