April 03, 2008

FastReport VCL 4.6 released!

+ added & , < , > to XML reader
+ added <nowrap> tag, the text concluded in tag is not broken by WordWrap, it move entirely 
+ added ability to move band without objects (Alt + Move)
+ added ability to output pages in the preview from right to left ("many pages" mode), for RTL languages(PreviewOptions.RTLPreview) 
+ added ability to storing picture cache in "temp" file (PreviewOptions.PictureCacheInFile)
+ added EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList (added for multi-thread applications) - set it to False if you don't want use Global DataSet list(use Report.EnabledDataSet.Add() to add dataset in local list) 
+ added new property Hint for all printed objects, hints at the dialog objects now shows in StatusBar 
+ added new property TfrxDBLookupComboBox.AutoOpenDataSet (automatically opens the attached dataset after onActivate event) 
+ added new property TfrxReportPage.PageCount like TfrxDataBand.RowCount
+ added new property WordWrap for dialog buttons (Delphi 7 and above). 
+ added sort by name to data tree
+ added TfrxDesigner.TemplatesExt property
+ added TfrxStyles class in script rtti
+ changes in the Chart editor: ability to change the name of the series, ability to move created series, other small changes 
+ [enterprise] added configurations values refresh in run-time 
+ [enterprise] added new demo \Demos\ClientServer\ISAPI
+ [enterprise] added output to server printers from user browser (see config.xml "AllowPrint", set to "no" by default), note: experimental feature
+ [enterprise] added reports list refresh in run-time
+ [enterprise] added templates feature
+ [enterprise] improved speed and stability
+ [fs] added TfsScript.IncludePath property
+ [fs] added TfsScript.UseClassLateBinding property 
+ [fs] fixed type casting from variant(string) to integer/float
- changes in report inherit: FR get relative path from current loaded report(old reports based on application path works too)
- corrected module for converting reports from Report Builder
- fixed bug in CrossTab when set charset different from DEFAULT_CHARSET
- fixed bug in RTF export with some TfrxRichView objects
- fixed bug when print on landscape orientation with custom paper size
- fixed bug when use network path for parent report
- fixed bug with Band.Allowslit = True and ColumnFooter
- fixed bug with drawing subreport on stretched band
- fixed bug with embedded fonts in PDF export
- fixed bug with long ReportTitle + Header + MaterData.KeepHeader = true
- fixed bug with minimizing of Modal designer  in BDS2005 and above
- fixed bug with paths in HTML export 
- fixed bug with RTL in PDF export
- fixed bug with SubReport in multi column page
- fixed bug with Subreport.PrintOnParent = true in inherited report
- fixed bug with SYMBOL_CHARSET in PDF export
- fixed bug with the addition of datasets by inheritance report 
- fixed bug with width calculation when use HTML tags in memo 
- fixed compatibility with WideStrings module in BDS2006/2007
- fixed flicking in preview when use OnClickObject event
- fixed free space calculation when use PrintOnPreviousPage
- fixed preview bug with winXP themes and in last update
- fixed subreports  inherit
- Thumbnail and Outline shows at right side for RTL languages 
- [fs] fixed bug with late binding

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